Security Camera Repair NYC

Have you ever had a security camera, or a surveillance system installed only to realize that it is not working properly? The right surveillance solution can go a long way in helping to reduce crime. However, you need to ensure that your cameras are working properly at all times. For assistance with surveillance systems, we at Parker Custom Security provide security camera repair services in NYC and the surrounding areas because we want to offer only the highest quality security camera repair services in New York City. We’re well known to provide only the best level of service to every customer that we serve.

Security Camera Repair NYC

Security Camera Repair NYC Warning Signs

You can prevent significant issues by identifying early signs and doing routine maintenance. We’ve listed nine signals that you should call your security camera repair company for maintenance.

Unclear video

Something is wrong when your security camera’s video starts to become hazy. The camera may be unable to record clear, succinct footage for various reasons, including being out of focus, scratches on the lens, and other issues. You may adjust the focus on a security camera with a varifocal lens by turning the focus control until you obtain the needed video. Most of the time, wiping the lens with a microfiber cloth will help things become clear.

Absence of remote monitoring

Modern security cameras must have remote monitoring, and losing them could cause significant security problems. Either your internet connection needs to be fixed, or the remote access settings were set up wrongly. Since configuring the remote access settings requires some skill and knowledge, we suggest calling a professional expert if you need help handling this issue.

Loss of video

One of the most frequent problems with security cameras is video loss, caused mainly by the receiver not receiving any signals from the camera. Several things, including a poor internet connection, a meager power supply, wiring issues, and device failure, may cause this. Your best option in these situations would be to call an expert who can properly diagnose the source of the video loss.

PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) does not operate

Because they have many more moving elements than ordinary security cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras need a little more maintenance. Ensure you’re utilizing the manufacturer-recommended power supplies when troubleshooting a PTZ camera. Use only the power supply recommended by the camera; otherwise, you risk damaging the circuitry and making the camera unusable. Additionally, check the DVRs to see if the PTZ camera’s data connection is protected.

The camera's motion-sensing functionality isn't working.

When something moves, outdoor cameras use motion sensors to start recording. Check the settings to ensure the motion-sensing functionality is turned on if you discover the feature isn’t working. If that doesn’t work, you might need to adjust the camera’s positioning or angle. Ensure the camera’s lens is not blocked by anything and is directed directly at the area you are watching.

Faulty cables

The wiring from the security cameras can occasionally be the problem rather than the device itself. You can encounter connectivity issues and lose video if the wires are entirely worn out. Check your security camera cables and wires for damage, and repair them immediately.

Visual evidence of damage

Spend time looking over your security cameras to check for signs of deterioration. Do the lenses have any noticeable scuffs? Is the housing for the camera still intact? Remember that exterior cameras are regularly subject to the environment, which might reduce their total lifespan. It’s best to retire an outdated camera and install a new one if it needs to perform correctly.

Vandalism indicators

Security cameras make thieves and burglars nervous, and they’ll do everything they can to take them out. Make it a routine to examine your security cameras for vandalism evidence and deal with any issues immediately. When your cameras are slanted out of place, or there are noticeable marks on the video, you’ll know someone has vandalized them. Getting vandal-proof cameras and installing them in hidden locations where thieves can’t see them is a simple approach to stop this.

Defective software

Security camera manufacturers release software upgrades that include security updates to keep their products operating efficiently and error-free. A minor software update should help fix the bugs and eliminate the slow, buggy interfaces used to access the camera’s settings.


Security Camera Repair NYC

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Frequently Asked Question

Security Camera Repair NYC

The camera’s location impacts repair frequency. Indoor cameras in strategic spots need less attention than outdoor ones in public areas. Typically, self-check monthly, and professional service annually.

Depending on the size of your system and the included equipment, a CCTV service will have a range in price. Service on a modest residential system with a handful of cameras will be far less expensive than a sizable commercial system with dozens of cameras linked to other security systems.

Contact the pros at Parker Customs Security for a free for professional service on your CCTV system. 

Security camera needs depend on property size, type, and neighborhood safety. Large properties, commercial buildings, and remote homes may require multiple cameras. For homes, one or two may suffice. In high-crime areas, more cameras are vital. A minimum setup includes front door cameras, with additional coverage for back doors and key interior areas, excluding private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms for privacy.

Batteries are frequently used in wireless security cameras to provide power. However, the idea that all wireless security cameras run on batteries is untrue.

Many businesses produce wireless security cameras that must first be powered on and begin recording before they can be recharged with a cable.

Yes, it’s possible but preventable. Avoid using default settings, modify camera settings, change login credentials, and keep the system private. Prioritize security to deter hacking attempts.