Giới thiệu về Parker Custom Security

We are a strong, flexible, and creative security team 

We have been working with numerous individuals and business and residential management organizations in New York for more than fifteen years. The people who genuinely comprehend that building and house security measures are essential rather than optional are our greatest clients. 

It’s a good idea to think about doing an annual security audit to make sure your current gadgets meet modern security standards, regardless of the size or security level of your building or house. It’s necessary to realize that all the facts are taken into consideration and that essential security technologies are being utilized.

We at Parker Custom Security don’t feel secure until we are certain that you are! To ascertain the extent of the necessary security measures, we will collaborate with you. We shall follow your instructions to ensure safety and security on all levels.

For 15 years Parker Custom Security has worked with NY's top Management and Real Estate Companies:

We also repair and upkeep a wide range of office doors, such automatic, sliding, glass, and metal doors. Our staff of professionals and technicians support customers 24/7, providing timely response and reliable services on door repairs and maintenance for commercial purpose. Customers will not compromise convenience as still their main concern and security remains the peaks of our top priorities.

Furthermore, our camera quan sát installation and maintenance services assist in crime monitoring and a protection of the property. The squad can accurately customize the CCTV system to fulfill your demand and budget thanks to the flexibility of the team. What is more, we assign a lot of importance to on-time services such as system maintenance and repairs to ensure the proper work of your security system.

There is our specialization in the area keyless entry, embodying biometric technology and card access systems. In addition, we are engaged in activities that address humanization for the economics meaning such as by our specialists we provide and install the custom access control systems tailored to your security. As well, we periodically provide repair and maintenance to be the sure your system is running at its highest production level.