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At Parker Customs Security access control solutions start with a consultation. For physical access systems, hardware such as card or fob readers, door switches, and a control panel will be required. All of the many access points to the building are managed by the control panel, which is essential to the system. If you need a larger system, just add a new control panel because access control systems are adaptable and can expand along with your business.

All of the system’s users will be stored in a database on the server, allowing for customized access times and places. When the card is placed in the reader, the controller reads a frequency and verifies the user in the database. The door will unlock after verification. If not, the controller records the breach and notifies the appropriate monitors.

For a brief biometrics definition The definition of biometrics is that they are biological measures (or physical traits which can be used to identify people. For instance face recognition, fingerprints or retina scans all are types of biometric technology

The benefits of biometrics are advancing technology quickly. For instance, you can never be entirely confident of who has access to the card or who enters using the code when using cards, codes, or PINs. Because only the intended user is granted access to biometrics, there is less theft and more responsibility.

For various reasons, including loss prevention, safety, security, and even revenue, a suitable locking system is essential. The issues that might develop if an unauthorized person gains access to the assets with bad intentions are simple to imagine. Utilizing RFID technology facilitates easy monitoring, restricts locker usage, and tracks key access. Additionally, because it has a security seal, it guarantees that only individuals with permission can access the lockers.

Security systems today have the capacity to issue an alarm for every item that isn’t handed in on time. The key management systems offer cabinets and asset lockers to keep data-sensitive electronics, important documents, and other equipment. It automatically notifies the supervisor of the position or any inappropriate behavior. The system has the ability to keep track of usage and access. The most efficient method for automatically detecting and tracking the tags on things and providing a secure storage solution is radio frequency identification technology.

Electronic lockers record each transaction or access so that management has a precise record of when control keys were issued, returned, or delayed. Keys can be easily located inside a building using RFID technology, which also provides more accountability and security. A higher level of security is provided by the numerous authentication methods, including access control cards, Security codes, biometric readers, etc.

The answer is yes. We frequently receive questions like this. As a result of the fact that many businesses have multiple locations, access cards may be distributed to employees in excess, forcing them to carry a large number of cards around with them. However, if you arrange it well, you can have one access card for many sites.

Ngoài ra, điều này giúp giảm bớt công việc quản trị và loại bỏ sự nhầm lẫn trong khi quét thẻ, vì làm như vậy có thể làm chậm quá trình truy cập khi một số thẻ được giữ trong ví và được chạm vào tại điểm truy cập. Một lần nữa, giải pháp cho vấn đề này là một tấm thẻ.

With current cards, the answer frequently depends on the system’s owner. This is due to the possibility of an open or closed protocol on access cards, which might restrict accessibility. Because open protocol enables our customers to purchase their cards, Parker Custom Security specializes in it. Although we can provide cards, we don’t want our users to be compelled to select them only because they are restricted to our system.

Trong hầu hết các trường hợp, không cần thiết phải sửa đổi hoặc cấp lại thẻ ID nhân viên hiện tại của bạn để tiếp cận lực lượng lao động. Các huy hiệu mà nhân viên sử dụng để nhận dạng, chấm công, kiểm soát truy cập và các mục đích khác đều có thể được sử dụng với hệ thống của chúng tôi.

Please get in touch with us for assistance if you want to know if your current cards are compatible with our readers.