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How To Choose The Best Commercial Security Systems Repair & Install Company in NYC or NJ

Are you looking for a commercial security systems installation and repair company in the New York City area? In this large city, there are many different choices. Some of these businesses have been offering security systems for decades. Whereas others might be upstart companies that you may want to consider. It is important to have the most elite security system installed at your home, or place of business. This is in order to deter the possibility of people breaking in. Additionally, if you currently have a security system that is not working properly, you should be able to find a business that can provide you with the repairs that you need. There is a commercial security system repair business in NYC by the name of Parker Custom Security. You may want to call them to either install or repair a security system.

Reasons To Repair Or Upgrade Your Current Security System

commercial security systems repair

If you currently have a security system that is not functioning properly, this could be due to a number of reasons. For example, if you are using CCTV cameras, and they are not displaying visuals, this could be because of the camera or the HD monitor that you are using. If you have also installed sensors on your doors and windows, those will need to be checked. This is especially true if you have tested your system and it is not causing the alarm to go off.

Additionally, you may realize that you are using an antiquated system. This is one that needs to be upgraded to provide you and your employees with better protection. To accomplish this, you must first find a professional security system business that can do both installs and repairs. There are several attributes that they must have. These attributes are ones that will indicate that you are working with one of the top security businesses in New York City.


Top Attributes Of A Professional Security System Business

When evaluating each of the security systems businesses in New York City, they must have certain attributes that will motivate you to use them. One is that they should offer several different systems for installation purposes. These should apply for both residential and commercial installations. They may have intercom systems, access control systems, and will also use CCTV technology. They may also offer door and hardware expert installations and repairs if that is what you need. Other services may include the installation of gates and ironwork, as well as providing you with 24 hours services for lock-related emergencies. All of these services are offered by Parker Custom Security. They are the best commercial security systems repair company in NYC and NJ.


What Type Of Projects Have They Worked On In The Past?

The notoriety of any business will motivate people to try them out. Parker Custom Security has installed security systems for many prominent companies. They have done this for America Realty, Abington Properties, Upper Manhattan Co-op Building, and also the National Academy Museum.

If you have ever been to the River Park Plaza or the Harlem Children’s Zone, this company has installed security systems at these locations to provide people that live in or visit these locations with the best security possible.


CCTV Installation Services That We Currently Offer

This business offers many different options when it comes to CCTV security protection. They have full HD cameras, IP cameras, and analog cameras as well. Connected to these cameras will be monitors that are high definition. These allow you to see what is happening at any given time. Additionally, recording systems can be used to capture the footage digitally. This is so it can be replayed and used by the authorities if necessary. They also have what they call discrete cameras. These are cameras that will not look like a traditional CCTV camera at all. They will be disguised as a desk or wall ornament such as a clock that will serve as part of the security system.


Why They Offer Door Installations

If you have an exceptional security system installed, but your doors are easy to break into, you are defeating the purpose of having any security at all. At your place of business, you may want to consider using hollow metal doors, aluminum doors, or the very popular Herculite doors. These doors are both elegant and powerful. Before the criminals are able to be captured on the film inside, they will first have to go through these doors which will be virtually impossible.


Intercom Systems From This Business

If you have a large business that employs hundreds of people, or if you have an apartment complex with multiple tenants, having an intercom system installed can help people stay protected. This will allow you to control the flow of traffic into any building. Furthermore, intercom systems can be installed very easily. Whether you are a management company, or if you are a building owner, it will be very easy for you to call this company and have your intercom system installed in the next few weeks. This will include door entry panels, audio intercoms, as well as the high-tech video intercoms that so many people use today.


Why You Might Need Access Control Systems

access control systems

Similar to an intercom system, but much more high-tech, these are systems that will require people to enter a keycode. You can obtain those that have standalone access, proximity readers, or you can upgrade to a biometric and RFID system. It is also possible to supply every tenant or employee with key tags. This is so that they can scan to not only enter the building but get into their office or room. All of these will have a centralized control panel.


Gates And Ironwork Installations

One form of security that many people overlook is actually installing a perimeter fence with a simple access or entry gate. You may even have a door that people must go through. Similar to the access control systems, they will have a keypad or scanning device that will take their code, or scan their card, respectively. This will enable people to drive into the area to park their car and gain access to the building. This will include iron gate doors, window gates, and NYPG. In addition, it can include specialty items that can be installed to protect things such as garbage receptacles that are outside of your building.


How To Set An Appointment With This Business

To set an initial appointment with this commercial security systems repair business in NYC or NJ, you can give them a call at (212)491-5627 for NYC residents, or (201)330-4118 for NJ residents. You can also visit their website at https://www.parkercustomsecurity.com/. On their site, you can send them an email so that representatives of that company can contact you. They will then schedule a time where they can come out to evaluate your home or business. They will talk to you about the different security options that they would recommend. In addition, they can give you a quote on the total cost. They will also tell you when they will have time to get this done. All of this can happen in the span of a few days. And in a week or two, all of your security systems can be installed by this business.


How To Know Which Type Of Security System You Will Need

The type of security system that you get is dependent on a number of factors. It depends upon the neighborhood that you are in. In addition, whether this is for a home or business, and the level of security that you want to have. For example, you may want to initially install CCTV cameras for a security system. This is to watch the exterior of your place of business or home. This is an option that many people consider, especially systems where they can access the video feed from their phone. If you are in a rough neighborhood and your business is your main livelihood, installing a brand-new door might be your first course of action. For businesses that currently employ numerous people, access control systems will better serve this purpose.

At the very least, if you ever lock yourself out of your building, home, or even your vehicle, this business provides 24-hour services for such emergencies. They are not only security experts, but they can perform the same functions that you would receive from a local locksmith or tow truck company. Based on your assessment of what you need, and what they will recommend, you can decide on which type of security package would benefit you the most. They will provide you with a quote promptly. This will allow you to decide which options would be best suited for you. In addition, they will be able to install this in no time at all.


Call Us

If you have not installed a security system at your home or workplace in New York City or New Jersey, consider contacting Parker Custom Security today. This commercial security systems repair company in NYC and NJ will be able to provide you with an estimate on how much it will cost for your security system. If this is for your company building, this business specializes in commercial security systems and repairs. For example, if you currently have a security system that needs to be repaired, or even upgraded, they can do that for you at a reasonable cost. If you are not sure who to contact in order to repair your security system, visit their website at https://www.parkercustomsecurity.com. You can also call them at (212)491-5627 for NYC residents or (201)330-4118 for NJ residents.

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