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All security doors at Parker Custom Security are highly rated, attractive, tested, and ready for repair and installation at your convenience. Few who own a business realize how important it is to have a secure environment where all that is taking place inside its walls is productive and safe. Commercial fire-rated doors are necessary for ensuring the personal safety of employees as well. Employees inside the establishment are always the highest priority when it comes to the assets that need to be kept safe. If one ignores the obligation to provide their employees with a safe work environment, then disasters can arise. 


The Doors We Offer


-Hollow Metal Doors 

Some prefer hollow metal doors since they are easier and more efficient to open. When choosing a door that is aesthetically pleasing, these are a great option, especially for entranceways. Hollow metal door entrance ways are hard, metal frames filled in with glass. A hollow metal door appears to be completely metal. Both provide more than enough security. They are also sometimes used by companies because they are excellent at keeping noise and weather out, which makes them great for a big city. 

Hollow, metal, double doors are often seen in hospitals. They can be securely locked, while also being extremely easy to open. Medical personnel need to be able to move to patients quickly. This is especially true when moving to patients who are in critical condition. 

commercial fire rated doors


-Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are installed for those who wish to keep their environment secure while also having full visibility of the outside of the property. They are extremely secure because of the great weight of aluminum. They also close easily and but tend to be heavy. Aluminum doors are almost always used for entrances to buildings. They are secure, but to the point where they can be a little heavy to open. Assistance should be offered to those of a petite nature. 


-Herculite Doors

What are the most beautiful, yet secure, walls in the world? If you are seriously concerned about the aesthetics of your business, you may find Herculite doors to be the perfect option. These doors shine like starlight through their transparent frame and body. It gives every entrance an extremely modern look. If you would like a workplace to look innervated, this is the perfect step to make it look like what you want your business to be.

While they are beautiful doors, they offer the least security out of the three options. If you are concerned about safety, yet still wish to use these doors, try putting a heavier type of door at the entrance. Herculite doors are better for the interior. 

Herculite Metal Doors Double


Warranty on the Work

When you have something installed by Parker Custom Security, they’ll be happy to fix anything that goes wrong with it. Those who fail to call them for a commercial fire-rated doors repair or installation may have a much higher price quoted to them by a company that does not feel personally responsible since they were not the ones who installed the door. Please consider the company that will always go by a warranty, whether spoken to or not.  


Commercial Fire Rated Doors Repair and Installation Happens Quickly 

When something goes wrong with the security of your business it is a serious matter. Those who wish to wait to have the repairs or installation done are putting their workplace at serious risk. Imagine you’re running a daycare? Do you think it would be safe to leave it with a door that couldn’t be secured when need-be? 

Those who don’t have the time or won’t wait for the risk should call Parker Custom Security to get the best and quickest service possible so the business can continue as usual.  


It Isn’t Always About Function 

Natural disasters, while different types, can happen anywhere in the country. It is extremely common for clear doors to become cracked or damaged in some way during the storm. While the door does not lose its ability to perform its function properly in every case, it can still be highly undesirable as the door will then have a damaged, old appearance. 

Cosmetic repairs are necessary if you would like to keep the professional look of your business. Those who see damage to a business’s offices will associate it with too much incompetence and that they’re unsuccessful financially. Parker Custom Security will be happy to fix it. You may even get the damage covered if you have insurance that will reimburse for the repair or pay for it ahead of time. Natural disaster insurance is important no matter where you live.


We Also Make Gates 

Doors are an excellent way to keep your business secure. In fact, it’s one of the most basic and necessary ways to do it. Everyone knows a door is needed; however, few think of the benefits of a gate. If your business contains items that are highly valuable, like jewelry and expensive electronics, it is at high risk of being looted. Typically, criminals who wish to rob this type of business will come at night when no one is there. A gate is an excellent way to keep them out. 

Especially in big cities, those who have a vacant property may receive unwanted visitors. Vacant properties are viewed as something that’s never watched by those who might want to take advantage of a nearby vacant property. An excellent way to keep these properties secure is a nice, well-established gate that’s furnished with security cameras. 


Call Now to Get Started

Always keep the repairs you need in mind when it comes to commercial security. If you don’t, you’ll constantly be putting your safety, and the safety of your employees, at risk. This just isn’t the way you should live your life. Parker Custom Security in Nova York is here to handle all of your commercial fire rated doors repair and installation needs. Call us now at (212) 491-5627. You’ll be very glad that you did!