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Parker Custom Security offers a comprehensive range of services for clients in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, ensuring the safety and security of homes

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Montaż drzwi Nowy Jork

W Nowym Jorku firma Parker Custom Security świadczy niezrównane usługi montażu drzwi w Nowym Jorku. Koncentrując się na funkcjach bezpieczeństwa i przystępnych cenach, oferujemy różnorodność

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Naprawa drzwi Nowy Jork

Potrzebujesz profesjonalnych i niedrogich usług naprawy drzwi w Nowym Jorku? Najlepiej byłoby nie szukać dalej, ponieważ dotarłeś do właściwej lokalizacji. Parkera na zamówienie

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National Academy Museum Entrance Door

Muzeum Akademii Narodowej

We know that museums and art galleries house many historic and valuable works of art that require special attention and security. In some cases, your insurance company may require that the security system in your gallery meet certain standards.

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apartment buildings

Właściwości Abingtona

Abington Properties is a family owned and operated real estate management and development company that has been in business for over 50 years. Parker Custom Security was tasked with the installation of a video intercom deployment within 8 of Abington’s properties which included 600 units.

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apartment building

Plac w Parku Rzecznym

Located along the Harlem river, River Park Plaza is a 4 Towers living community with 1700 apartments located in New York City. The project called for a complete renovation of all entry ways which also included tenant apartment doors- a total of 3000 doors were placed with re-rated doors and new hardware.

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Harlem Children's Zone logo

Harlem Children’s Zone

Harlem Children’s Zone signaled the need for a new approach to security. We set up a custom plan for the Charter school. First we removed several warped doors replacing them with new fireproof state of the art doors with sounding alarms. We also adjusted, repaired and changed hardware on the remaining doors.

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