Page: NYC Fire-Rated Doors Install and Repair Service

It is a requirement in many counties for commercial buildings to have a fire-rated entryway. Fire-rated entryways are also common in high-capacity building structures such as school dormitories. If you are looking for reliable NYC Fire-Rated Doors Install and Repair Services, look no further than Parker Custom Security.

NYC Fire-Rated Doors Install and Repair Services

You can fix fire-rated doors in the hallway, garage, or multi-family castles in residential applications. While fire-rated entryways are not entirely fireproof, they’ll stop the spread of fire for a specific period. You can get enough time to salvage your valuables and evacuate everyone before the fire eventually burns the entryway. They also contain smoke to prevent choking and visibility during an emergency evacuation.

Parker Custom Security offers the best fire-rated door replacement and restoration work around NYC and more extraordinary New Jersey. We understand the importance of protecting your assets and property before firefighters make it to your doorstep. That is why we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, regardless of the scope of the job; whether residential or commercial. Some homeowners may also prefer custom designs. We deliver that too. Reach out to our team by clicking You can also call us at (212) 491-5627 for 24/7 emergency responses.

Our NYC Fire-Rated Doorways Service

When it involves selecting fire-rated materials for your residential or commercial building, look nowhere beyond Parker Custom Security, especially if you’re in New York. We do all types of work involving fire-rated doorways, including:



You can move into a new property or upgrade the current doorway with a fire-rated material. Either way, our team will do a perfect job that reflects your money’s value. Depending on your needs and preferences, we fix high-quality fire-rated doors that guarantee maximum performance in a fire.



You wouldn’t wish to have a broken fire-rated entryway in the event of a fire. Loose hinges could mean the doorway is not locking properly in the event of a fire. Such an entryway cannot shield the building’s occupants from heat and smoke, impeding evacuation missions. Don’t take chances with your safety. Call us today for inspection and restoration.


Fireproof Shutters and Curtains

Sometimes, you want to protect nearly everything inside the building, mainly if you sell high-end items that can result in untenable losses if destroyed by fire. We can fix custom fireproof shutters and curtains on your counters to keep the fire at bay until firefighters arrive at your location.


Fire-Rated Wood Entryways

Most people think that wooden frames cannot hold fire for a relatively more extended period until everyone evacuates the building. Parker Custom Security offers tailored fire-rated wood entryways. These materials can contain a fire for 20 to 90 minutes, giving you enough time to control the smoke and flames.


Fire-Rated Roll Up Entryways

A sizeable commercial building would opt for fire-rated roll-up entryways instead of traditional doorways for various reasons. If you’re in a high-risk fire area, the latter sounds like the best option compared to the former. We provide customizable solutions for fire-rated roll-up entryways without breaking the bank.

Why Should You Have a Fire-Rated Entryway in Your Premises?

A high-quality fire-rated doorway at single or multiple entry and exit points guarantees a well-rounded fire safety strategy in your property. You’ll likely experience the following benefits if you let us fix one or a couple in your building:

• Quick evacuation; Most options have a 20 to 90-minute rating, blocking flames and smoke for immediate evacuation.

• Mitigate fire damage losses. Fire-rated entryways will prevent the flames from engulfing the property for a certain period until the fire department arrives.

• Protect the occupants from toxic gases. Fires pose a greater danger than just burning people alive. These entryways will block all poisonous gases that can paralyze almost instantly to impede evacuation attempts.

• Protect your building from forceful invasion. The sturdy construction materials used in fire-rated entryways are burglar-proof, guaranteeing maximum security throughout the year.


Reach Out to Parker Custom Security

When you call us, we don’t just do the fitting work but target specific points for maximum protection. Call our experts through (212) 491-5627 for a quick installation between hazardous and non-hazardous points of your industrial buildings. You can also click to see the options available for residential applications. Remember, we are also available for all servicing needs as they arise.