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First impressions matter a lot in a retail store; it determines how your customers view the company and whether they’ll return. Besides aesthetic appearance, high-quality business doors offer security and protection by acting as a barrier from the outside world and dangerous elements. Most importantly, it shows your style and preference, especially if you opt for customization. Customization may include matching the standards of a commercial building and the businesses around the area. You would also want an entryway that suits your budget and attracts hassle-free maintenance to last longer.

Parker Custom Security is your go-to company for installing and restoring your commercial doors in NYC and, more extraordinary, New Jersey. We offer a wide variety of doors, depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s residential doorways or automatic sliding glass doors for your store in the shopping mall, we have your back. Click to get a free quote, or call (212) 491-5627 to take to a security expert and see your viable options. We have the expertise and resources to adapt to the stringent security measures of your commercial building.

Our Commercial Door Work

We supply, fix and restore doors to guarantee maximum security inside your premises. Our New York and New Jersey team has robust experience for the following jobs:



You can count on our team to do a perfect job without damaging the existing masonry construction. Our team will deliver to your expectations, whether it’s replacing a flimsy doorway or erecting a new one. We offer all types of doorframes, including plain steel, steel craft, set twisted and out of square.



Parker Custom Security offers emergency and same-day restorations for your business day. We are operational 24/7 to restore your business operations as soon as possible, with zero downtime. Whether it’s an upgrade or a slight repair, we have various tools and materials that complement your needs.


Access Control

Protecting your business goes beyond safeguarding your network from hackers. You would want to ensure that unauthorized employees and customers have no access to some rooms. We can fix a high-quality access control system to regulate who accesses your office, when, why, and how. Our access control systems go beyond mechanical locks and keys.

Why Should You Work with Parker Custom Security?

We Adapt to Your Needs

It doesn’t matter how slim your budget is; we can always work on something that meets your complex needs to guarantee maximum security. Even if you’re not around New York or New Jersey, you can still call us for consultation. Our sole focus is on ensuring your entrance remains safe and open to greater opportunities.


All-In-One Entryway Work

Call our business to save yourself from the hassle and frustration of juggling multiple companies to fix your industrial entrance. Besides spending a lot of time and resources, it gets hard to keep track of who does the better job. Whatever your industrial doorway needs are, we gladly tackle them with our in-house team. We only involve third-party suppliers if it’s necessary.


Experienced and Qualified Team

Our employees undergo thorough training and background checks regularly. They love their work and always look up to more demanding jobs to put their skills to practice. We have a branded car, and everyone who visits your business premises from our company will always have a visible identification badge.


Happy Customers

Parker Custom Security continues to grow every day, thanks to the dedication of our team and positive feedback from our clients. All our clients appreciate how quickly we adapt to their ever-dynamic needs. The world of security is constantly changing; we change with it to make you happy and satisfied.


Free Quote

We give a free quote once we determine the scope of your project. At Parker Custom Security, we don’t play games with our clients. Whatever we indicate on the first estimate remains so unless your needs change along the way.

Call Us for a NYC Commercial Door Install & Repair Service

We are available 24/7 to work on your commercial entryway needs as they arise. You can call us at (212) 491-5627 or click to connect with our live customer care team if you’re in New York.

NYC Commercial Door Install & Repair Service