Page: NYC Aluminum Doors Install and Repair Service

Many homeowners take pride in aluminum frames because they offer maximum security and unparalleled longevity. High-quality aluminum doors can last up to five decades, depending on the point of fitting and frequency of use. Most importantly, these entryways attract hassle-free maintenance, and you’ll likely need zero repairs for the first 20 years unless you experience an unfortunate, forceful invasion. You can also apply a colored coating to match your style and aesthetic preferences.


We are the top-rated company in New York and New Jersey for installing stable aluminum frames. It can be in a commercial building or residential applications; our team will get the job done to 100% customer satisfaction. We also mend and fix these doors at budget-friendly rates. You can get in touch with our team by clicking for a free estimate and consultation. You can also connect with us on multiple social media platforms for quick responses.

Parker Custom Security Aluminum Entryways Service

We have a dependable team that works around the clock, especially if you want urgent restoration work. All out staff undergoes rigorous training and background checks to ensure they never compromise on quality consistency. Most importantly, they travel in branded vehicles and wear company tags at all times for easier identification. Reach out to us for the following aluminum entryway jobs:


• Installation

Our experts are fast, crisp, and efficient in handling all types of installation jobs, whether it’s industrial or residential applications. We have access to trusted suppliers who guarantee all materials at affordable rates. Most importantly, we only give quotations for materials needed to get the job done; no wastage of resources.


• Repair

We take pride in servicing and mending all types of Aluminum entryways in the NYC region. We offer all restorations under one roof, including material purchases, shipping, and delivery to your premises. Our team has years of experience mending hinges, panic materials, pivots, hinges, and anything else you wish to replace.


• Upgrades

Installing a doorway doesn’t have to be on a new property. Call us today to share your dream entryway based on security needs and aesthetic preferences. We can upgrade the existing entrances through weather-stripping or burglar proofing. We can also do away with the entire structure to construct a new one.


• Residential and Commercial Applications

Parker Custom Security offers all-in-one restoration jobs across residential and commercial scopes. Save yourself the frustration of following up with multiple companies, especially if the goal is expected; to boost security. We have a reliable team with years of experience in handling one-time and ongoing commercial/ residential projects.


• Aluminum Store Front

Besides looking great, aluminum is durable and gives you endless customizable options. Whether you want an aluminum glass or a simple structure that protects the retail space, we are more than glad to assist. Click to start the conversation of transforming your commercial space.

The Benefits of Installing Aluminum Doors

Aluminum entryways are increasingly becoming popular across the US and beyond. These entryways offer various benefits at a relatively affordable price tag. Even if you find the coats a bit expensive, you will be sure of experiencing the value of your investment. Some of the benefits of aluminum doorways include:

• Structural Stability; Aluminum frames give your entryway unparalleled structural stability to withstand violent invasion by heavy objects. An intruder will likely spend the whole night bringing the structure down.

• Excellent Acoustic and Thermal Insulation; you might be incurring hiked energy bills because of a poor entryway structure. Aluminum doors guarantee maximum thermal insulation to keep your electricity bills low.

• Endless Design Options; as noted, you can customize aluminum entryway structures in whichever way you want. You’ll have almost unlimited designs that suit various security needs and aesthetic preferences.

• Outstanding Useful Life and Durability; Since we do restoration work, we won’t frequent your home to mend aluminum entryways. They are durable, and you might only need us during upgrades.

Reinforce Your Doorways with Aluminum Frames

Parker Custom Security is your most preferred company for reinforcing commercial and residential doorways with aluminum frames. We have a team that combines decades of experience to match all your complex entryway needs. Call us at (212) 491-5627 to discuss your customizable options.