NYC의 출입 통제 시스템 설치

Are you looking for the best access control system installation services in New York City? Well, look no further. Parker Custom Security is a leading provider of Access Control System Installation in NYC services, as well as other security solutions. We have over 25 years of experience in helping customers create custom security and access control solutions, ensuring you get exactly what you want and need.


Installing the most effective access control systems would prevent criminals and burglars from entering your property. Parker Custom Security offers an end-to-end access control system installation for your workplace.

Access control is a term that provides control over access to a facility or a room, to put it simply. Due to the need for confidentiality or seclusion in some spaces, access control is typically used in business settings or offices. Access control provides a way to regulate access through a single network to maintain privacy effectively. It is possible to centrally restrict access to even exterior gates, which is a terrific security measure because nobody wants a total stranger to walk into their company. Installing an access control system is a great way to provide security while bringing uniformity to the office. In the end, this contributes to shaping a workplace’s general atmosphere.

Here are a few advantages of access control:


Access control is an excellent security measure since it allows you to monitor who enters your business. Most businesses have valuable assets like merchandise or even electronic equipment like laptops, and you can control who enters rooms with such goods by setting access control. 

No concern about losing keys

Access control systems without keys eliminate the hassle of maintaining a conventional key-based system. With newer technological solutions, losing keys is unheard of, and they are frequently less expensive than rekeying facilities.

Several Access Points

If you’re considering access control installation, your company might need more than one access point. Since there may be rooms within the building where vital information or priceless artifacts are kept, securing the gates alone may not be very effective. We at Parker Customs Security- Access Control Installation provide numerous centrally controlled access points. Additionally, it gives you total control over your structure.

You are leaving aside the primary advantages of installing access control. The fact that you can select whom you trust is the best part. Any firm must adhere to the fundamental tenet that trustworthy individuals are necessary for success, and you will achieve this after installing access control. In New York City, we offer expert installation services. Therefore, call us if you want to make the best choice for your company.

Choosing an Access Control System Installation in NYC

It can be difficult to decide on an access control system. There are numerous alternatives, and your system will have a number of different parts. The following are a few of the most popular kinds of access control systems.

Visitors need a credential card or tag to unlock a door using card readers. These card readers are situated close to doors and linked to the electronic locks on the doors. To enter, visitors must scan their card.

A biometric marker, such as a fingerprint, must be provided by employees using biometric readers, which are an alternative to conventional card readers. Voice and retinal scanners are also features of modern systems.

All devices connected to a central control panel by wired access control systems must be hardwired. At the control panel, the system can then be programmed.

Through a network, wireless systems link all devices together. For instance, the card readers link over the internet, and a desktop or mobile application can be used to control the entire system.

Access Control System Installation in NYC Process

 It may take a few days to confirm the installation and the supplies and parts necessary to install it. However, once they begin the building, they will do the following.

  • The power and Internet wires must be run first to connect anything else.
  • They will then install your choice of magnetic, electric strike, or electrified mortise locks. That may require doorframe cuts.
  • They will install the access control panel in the server or IT rooms. They may install backup power and security technology based on company needs.
  • Installers will then install door readers. These are easy to install—plug them in and fasten them to the wall. Many readers require Internet access.
  • Testing follows setup. After installing the rest of the components, this step must be done to set up the program and validate the other functions properly.
  • After that, the installers will advise the company to go through the processes and arrange door access. This will let you know where and when each person or group should be and which doors or office locations they should use. They must also configure access-control software and test the rules.

Parker Customs Security can install an access control system for you. We have operators ready to help you decide what you need for your commercial or retail establishment.



NYC의 출입 통제 시스템 설치

The best Access Control Installation in NYC

You may get an easy, thorough, and affordable access control installation service in New York because we are one of the city’s top access control installation and contemporary digital solutions businesses. Please allow us to offer the highest assurance on protecting your workplace from all external threats.

We are a reputable business in New York City that provides end-to-end access control setup & management at the most competitive pricing. We have set up several access control systems in and around NYC, from small enterprises to enterprise solutions. The best technological products are the only ones we deal with.

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NYC의 출입 통제 시스템 설치

Both logical and physical security methods can use access control. Only people who are authorized can enter the building or system courtesy to the access control system. The system does this using a password protection mechanism, or for a physical system, a key card or fob is used. To activate or deactivate these fobs, remote control is possible.

The cardholder’s report of the missing card is what matters most. After then, the card can be declared useless by having access to the central database canceled. The access control system will also determine whether or not the card has been used to try to get entry after it was lost, as well as where.

Every company’s access control needs are unique based on industry and size. Prioritize thorough evaluation to ensure an adaptable solution. Parker Custom Security offers a modular, scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Safeguarding your business effortlessly is paramount. Managing opening and closing times, key distribution, and restricted access is challenging. An access control system solves these problems, enhancing security and flexibility.

Because your data is stored in a remote data center, cloud-based access control controls access to your system from anywhere. It provides a high level of security and simplicity by lightening the burden on internal resources, but whether this is the ideal answer depends on the organization’s demands.