Installazione di telecamere di sicurezza a New York

Security is a necessity, not a luxury. If you’re looking for the best security camera installation in NYC, then Parker Custom Security is your only solution.

The experts at Parker Custom Security are New York’s best all-in-one security camera installation service.

Our Security Camera Installation NYC professionals can guide you through the process to ensure your camera system meets your needs.

Want to secure your property with a complete security camera system? You can keep an eye on everything on your property and stop crimes before they start.

CCTV cameras assist property owners in maintaining their property’s security and ensuring the protection of their family, staff, clients, and other assets. Image resolutions, integration options, and use cases vary widely among security camera systems. Some cameras may be used inside and outside, others can pan, tilt, and zoom for more coverage, and some can even read the license plates of cars pulling into parking lots.

Modern security camera systems are available from Parker Custom Security, allowing for thorough property observation and management. Years of installing complete CCTV systems have given our highly qualified CCTV installers a wealth of knowledge. IP cameras, indoor/outdoor cams with analytics, and more are all part of our video monitoring system.

We are experts at designing a Security Camera installation NYC system that suits your needs.

Installazione di telecamere di sicurezza a New York

Residential Security Camera Installation NYC

There is a potential for high levels of violence, theft, and damage in New York apartment buildings and complexes because of the vast, constantly shifting populations of people that live there. An adequately designed HD, IP, and digital CCTV camera system help to maintain a secure living environment by protecting both the residents and the property.

We’ll provide residential buildings with security camera systems that will give valuable 24/7 onsite and remote access video monitoring and surveillance backed by long-term data storage and video retrieval capabilities, giving peace of mind to your tenants and to you—building owners and property management firms.

Commercial Security Camera Installation NYC

Commercial security camera systems are a must-have for any business, regardless of size or industry, for various reasons, including protecting employees, customers, assets, and inventory, monitoring your employee productivity, and lowering the threat of burglary, loitering, vandalism, and false insurance claims.

A security camera system that is expertly set up can profoundly affect a company. While remote network cameras will allow you to monitor your property in real-time and to catch potentially dangerous situations before they escalate, the mere appearance of a security camera may often be enough to deter would-be vandals, thieves, and other unwelcome intruders.

Installazione di telecamere di sicurezza a New York
Extensive System Integration

Our security camera systems can record who enters the building, including dates and hours, to increase security. Our security camera systems interact easily with visitor management and video analytics software, access control systems, and visitor management systems.

The HD Cameras Parker Custom Security Camera Installation NYC method eliminates technical difficulties. As a result, you will gain access to your property whenever you need to, without waiting for someone to drop by or hire someone to do it for you. Additionally, it has a range of up to 35 feet, making it easy to reach your property even if it is far from where you live and catch anyone trespassing there.

Your HD camera security installation’s resolution is essential to receive the highest quality video footage. The best cameras will be straightforward and have a high resolution for viewing what is going on in front of your home or place of business. You should be able to watch videos on your computer or mobile device because of the resolution. 

A good camera has motion detection zones, live monitoring, and audio recording capabilities in addition to taking pictures. By selecting from various brand packages, you may tailor these elements to your needs and wants. 

The system is simple to use, and installation won’t take more than 30 minutes. The system is simple to install and use and may be done by one person. Anyone may use the system because of its simple touchscreen interface, which was incorporated into it. For those who want to control it wirelessly from a distance, it also gives that option.

Professional Security Camera Installation NYC and more

Our home office has security camera experts and a nationwide network of installation experts. These experts know how to maximize the value of your security camera installation.

  • Advise you on the best hardware and security camera options for your budget.
  • Choosing the places for your cameras.
  • Ensure the cameras are safely placed and secured from the environment or theft.
  • Setting your devices in place to watch your cameras remotely.
  • Ensuring the best uptime for your system.


Best Services For Security Camera Installation NYC

With the most remarkable security CCTV installation services now offered on the market, contact Sicurezza personalizzata Parker to provide your company with the surveillance it requires and that you deserve. When examining your property, you can always be careful, especially in New York City and small villages. A quality CCTV system can both record illegal activity and serve as a deterrent to crime. This videotaping can notify a security guard on duty, set off an alarm, or be used afterward to apprehend the trespasser. CCTV footage can potentially save your company millions of dollars in the event of an incident and is frequently used in court to prosecute criminals.

Please call us TODAY if you still need to install a CCTV camera or have one planned for installation shortly. The need for CCTV installation is only increasing, and modern tools and technology have improved security more than before. Please let us assist you by offering the best security CCTV installation services in New York.


Frequently Asked Question

Security Camera Installaton NYC

Installation methods vary based on the security camera system. Parker Custom Security offers four systems: Digital IP, Analog MPX, Wireless, and Wire-Free. Each system has specific cable and setup requirements.

The quality of the answer relies on camera count, placement, attic space, and on-site evaluation. We offer a free assessment with a reliable price guarantee for 60 days. Typically, camera installation takes 1-2 days.

Many salespeople in a situation of urgency will try to sell you a feature that they claim is exclusive to their system but in reality. These days, even entry-level home security camera systems make it simple for you to monitor activity within your house and control and modify the system from a mobile device or desktop computer.

Parker Customs Security frequently uses “Active” night vision equipment. This kind of infrared illumination illuminates the area in front of the camera to provide night vision. Small infrared LEDs, which are typically located surrounding the lens of security cameras, provide infrared light. The camera, made to be sensitive to this IR light, will then detect the strength of the light reflected off the surrounding area and convert it to a video stream.

When installing an outdoor security camera system, ensure that all cameras are waterproof, weatherproof, and able to tolerate precipitation, heat, and cold. Commercial outdoor security cameras are an excellent addition to any security system, but they should have the necessary casings.  Parker Custom Security help deter tampering and vandalism of your business’s video system.