Pagina: Servizio di installazione/riparazione hardware per porte di New York

Sometimes, you want to upgrade your current entrance without buying new doors for the building. If it’s where you and your loved ones sleep or where you make a decent income, why not beef up security in the entryway? You can also be a landlord who wants the tenants to feel safe and appreciated. Doorway upgrades are inevitable, whether in residential or commercial settings. The world of security is constantly changing, and we have to keep up with the arising needs.


Parker Custom Security is your go-to company for value-added door materials replacement and repair jobs. Our team guarantees a job that offers maximum protection for your family, customers, and additional profits to the upgraded area. Remember, upgraded entryways will likely increase your property’s value. You can reach out to our team during the day or night for hassle-free hardware replacement. Call (212) 491-5627 today to get a free quote.

Our Hardware Upgrade, Replacement, or Restoration Work

We offer a wide range of entryway upgrades, depending on your security needs and aesthetic preferences. All our materials come from reputable manufacturers and are pretty forthcoming in quality, longevity, and reliability. You can call us to fix or replace the following:

Servizio di installazione/riparazione hardware per porte di New York

• Hinges

Hinges might be the less visible part of your entryway, but they probably suffer the most wear and tear. If a hinge wears out, the frame may sag, making it impossible to close properly. This impends your security or privacy since you can’t maximize the locks. Whether it’s a commercial or residential doorway, we can tighten the screws to strengthen the hinges. In some cases, we might opt for a total replacement.

• Peephole Lenses

The first step of ensuring maximum security in your home is preventing the crime before it happens. Peephole lenses are a great way of knowing who is at your entryway before answering the knock. In case you notice a likely suspect, you can always raise the alarm. If your current peephole is old or doesn’t give a clear view of whoever is on the other side, it might be time to replace it. Talk to us for the most affordable rates in New Jersey and its environs.

• Video Doorbells

Installing a video doorbell allows you to always have a third eye on the doorway when someone comes ringing. As the name suggests, a video doorbell picks up motion pictures of whoever is ringing at the entryway. You can determine whether it’s friends, associates, family, or someone who poses a danger to your security.

• Weather Sea

Besides security, your gate or entryway can also contribute to what you spend on energy bills and maintenance. A weatherproof entrance or weather-stripping movable components in your home, such as windows, can lower your utility bills.

We offer all types of weather seals for your entryway, depending on needs and aesthetic preferences. This includes reinforced vinyl, magnetic tubular rubber, silicone, and weather tapes.

• Deadbolt and Auxiliary Locks

Regular locks and keys can create a security loophole in your premises, mainly if located on the exterior. Most burglars will always have a second mind about invading your home if they notice a deadbolt or an auxiliary lock. The more you maximize a thief’s time at the door, the safer you’ll likely be. You can trust our team with a new deadbolt and auxiliary locks replacement.

Why Choose Parker Custom Security for Doors Hardware Replacement?

24/7 Availability

Our expert team is available for your replacement and restoration needs as they arise. Even though we don’t charge for consultation, our late-night rates might slightly differ from daytime.


• All Your Needs Under One Roof

We can weather-strip your industrial doorway, then head to your residential entryway to fix a video doorbell or deadbolt. You can get all these under one estimate. Click to see your options today.


• 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our technicians won’t leave your premises until the job done reflects 100% customer satisfaction on your end. We will correct anything that you don’t like without charging any extra penny. Even so, we strive and commit to doing an excellent job.

Connect with the Best Doorway Experts in New York

Replacing your doorway materials can’t be any easier if you talk to the experts at Parker Custom Security. You can click to connect with us on our official website or dial (212) 491-5627 to speak to our 24/7 customer care team.