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In New York, Sicurezza personalizzata Parker provides unparalleled Door Installation NYC services. With a focus on security features and affordable pricing, we offer a variety of door solutions that will satisfy your particular needs. Our technicians provide immediate real-time assessments, FREE price estimates, and same-day service for all your Door Installation NYC requirements. Call us at 212-491-5627 to schedule an appointment.

Residential Door Installation

Parker Custom Security is a well-known local door repair and installation company. We’re working hard on your doors since we know their importance.


Your home’s appearance will improve with our interior and exterior door installations. Wooden and Glass doors are popular in NYC. Our door professionals will carefully install your doors’ moving and stationary parts.

Commercial Door Installation

Our door must match the quality of your NYC products and services. Why? Elegant and sturdy doors give prospective customers an excellent impression.


New Yorkers love window shopping, so storefront glass doors are great. It shows passersby what you sell, enticing them to enter your store or office.


Installing an appropriate door style can draw customers in. Parker Custom Security is a great door installation partner.

Types Of Door We Install

In and around New York, Parker Custom Security provides excellent door installation services. Regardless of how basic or complex your door specifications are, our Licensed door experts will accomplish this perfectly on the first appointment every time.

To explain our services, listed below are some of the most common door types we install in New York City.

Wood Door

Homeowners in New York City favor wooden doors due to their adaptability, elegance, and durability. Our technicians can install this door type for interior and exterior applications.


For your selection, we offer both prefabricated and custom wooden doors. Hardwood, plywood, and paneled door designs are all viable options for wood composition. With glass inserts and louvers, these wooden doors may be fireproof.


Storefront Glass Doors

Our door professionals will select the best glass door design, frame, and finish to enhance the modern appeal of your New York City storefront and offices. We can easily customize your exterior glass doors to your specifications and budget.


Industry-leading manufacturers will manufacture the hardware. Glass and aluminum doors are the most popular option among our clientele.


Corrosion Resistant Doors

Your doors are your first line of defense against inclement weather and intruders. Install corrosion-resistant doors if your location is continuously exposed to moisture and fluctuating weather.


We offer a variety of door materials with exceptional resistance to environmental changes and water. Our fiberglass doors are the best option for this application due to their superior strength and corrosion resistance against severe weather conditions.


Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a door material with excellent resistance to environmental elements. It is lighter than steel and has a high corrosion resistance. Most commercial establishments have aluminum doors due to their versatility and elegant appearance.


Our door professionals may customize an aluminum door to your budget and security requirements. It can also be used for your home’s interior and exterior doors.


Glass Doors

Glass can be used for interior and exterior doors, windows, and panels. Our certified door technicians may customize the size and design of your glass doors to your exact needs.


It can be used as your primary entrance door but requires professional maintenance and installation. Glass is heavier than steel but more corrosion-resistant.


Metal Doors


If you prefer a more durable material than aluminum and wood, steel or metal can be an excellent door material alternative. Compared to glass doors, it is lighter and more cost-effective. If coated and painted properly, it can effectively repel moisture and natural elements, which accelerate its deterioration.


Our door installation experts can efficiently implement a customized metal door in your home or business. In addition, the proper design and finish can enhance the aesthetics of your residence or business.


Sliding Doors

When space is limited, sliding doors made of metal, Glass, or wood are viable. Unlike swinging and hinged doors, sliding doors travel along a track without disturbing other interior elements.


You can rely on us whenever you need an affordable sliding door installation in New York City. We are available 24/7 to install the best doors in your residences and businesses.


Handicap Doors

Our door technicians are knowledgeable and trained to install handicapped doors where you are. Whether you want a simple design or one fully automated for mobility, our trained professionals can install them effectively.

Leading Door Installation NYC Service

Parker Custom Security has maintained its reputation as a customer-satisfying door installation company for many years. Our door professionals can find a way to install your doors promptly without interfering with your operations, despite your demanding schedule.

In addition, we offer a variety of door styles and materials to accommodate our clients’ preferences and security requirements. All of the door parts and accouterments we use are sourced from reputable manufacturers in the field.


After installing your doors, we will double-check their functionality and appearance to ensure everything is in order during our initial visit. In addition, our prices are reasonable and equitable to accommodate your budget.

24/7 Emergency Door Installation NYC Services

Door installation is available 24/7 in New York. Our mobile door professionals will arrive in 15 to 30 minutes, regardless of the time.


We always attend appointments, especially emergencies. Our mobile van accommodates NYC door installation demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installazione di porte a New York

The type of door, installation complexity, and customization need to determine door installation time. Our professional specialists attempt to complete the installation within a few hours to ensure efficient and precise work. 

We install doors at Parker Custom Security. We install exterior, interior, sliding, security, and fire-rated doors. Custom door installations are also available.

We install doors with hardware and accessories at Parker Custom Security. Our selection includes high-quality door handles, locks, hinges, door closers, and other essentials. Our skilled staff can help you choose hardware that matches your door’s aesthetic, security, and usefulness.

Absolutely! Request a consultation or estimate for door installation. We’ll evaluate your needs, discuss design choices, and deliver an exact installation quote. Our courteous team will help you schedule a consultation or estimate via phone, email, or our website.