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Important Facts About Intercom Systems Installation in NYC

New York City is one of the best places anywhere in the world. It is dearly loved by those who live here and admired by those who do not. For this reason, the city attracts all kinds of different people. When residents are in their homes they deserve to be able to relax and feel safe. If the doorbell rings, there shouldn’t be any kind of concern or worry about knowing who is there. For increased security, it is worth considering these important facts about intercom systems installation in NYC.


Big Improvements Have Been Made In Recent Years

Over the last 15 years, substantial technological improvements have been made to these types of systems. Before that time, most intercom systems were extremely large and there was no other option except audio. Now, there are a number of design options and many are elegant and sleek. This means they can be used in even the finest apartments and homes in New York City.

Although the city has gone to great lengths to improve on the overall crime rate, it is and will always likely be, an issue in a city of this size and reputation. This means that everything a resident or business owner can do to improve their level of security is recommended. Having an intercom systems installation in NYC is a security measure that is highly recommended. Anyone wanting to discuss this option should contact Parker Custom Security, who has served the city for the last 15 years.

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What Options Are Available?

When it comes to choosing the options available for an intercom systems installation in NYC there are two main choices. One is an audio-only system and the other is an audio and video option. If cost is a factor, then clearly an audio-only is a good option. This option provides an increased level of security by allowing the resident to speak with the person before deciding whether or not to open a door or to let them in.

If it is someone that is unrecognized or unexpected, then the resident or business owner may make the choice to not allow entry to that person. If someone is expected but it is not someone that is known, then an audio intercom system will allow the person to be asked questions to determine whether or not they are who they say they are. And based on their answers, the resident or business owner can determine whether or not they feel comfortable letting that person in.

One of the newer options is to use an audio and video system that is combined. This is the highest level of security offered by an intercom system. It allows the user to be able to visibly see the person or people that are requesting entry. Depending on the system, there can be multiple cameras that give a variety of different views and angles.

Regardless of whether it is an audio system only or an audio and video combination, it will typically have a feature that allows a gate or door to be unlocked by the user. Once the user is satisfied that the individual is someone that is trusted to be allowed in, then a button can be pressed which will unlock or activate a gate or open the door. At that point, the person will be able to enter. If for any reason the user is unsure about the person or people, then they can choose not to activate the gate or open the door.


Types Of Wiring Available For Intercom Systems Installation in NYC

Traditionally, these types of systems were always hardwired. This means there is a wiring system that is connected both to the intercom system and to the gate or door being operated. The power comes from the house or office and is highly reliable. The second and newer option is to have a wireless connection. The big advantage of this type of system is that if it is being installed into an existing apartment, house, or office, then the cost of that intercom systems installation is considerably less.

On average, having a hardwired system put in place during new construction is the best way to have that system installed for a more reasonable price. Once an apartment, home, our office has already been built, then having a hardwired system put in place will be a more expensive choice. Even so, each of these choices has its advantages and disadvantages. These choices should be discussed with an installation professional. In New York City, it is recommended that residents and business owners contact Parker Custom Security at (212) 491-5627 or visit them online at https://www.parkercustomsecurity.com.


Additional Features Available For Intercom Systems

To determine which system is right for you, there are some added features that many people will want to consider. Which of these features is available will depend on the model chosen. One feature is the ability to have the doorbell ring to a mobile phone number. This happens automatically if the call is not soon answered directly on the premises. There is even an option where some models offer the feature of taking a snapshot and recording messages.

If the system being used has a camera feature, then the snapshot option may be available. For obvious reasons, the systems with video give advanced security enhancements that cannot be achieved by audio-only. Even so, it really comes down to the level of security and the affordability of the system. Those factors are what will determine which is most suitable for an individual.

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Additional Installation Considerations That Should Be Factored In

It’s important to speak with a professional to determine the best place to put the intercom station. Where it will be mounted will play a role in how convenient it is to use. It is also necessary to determine whether or not there is a need for an entry station that is vandal-resistant. This will determine whether or not it is mounted on the surface. This is so that it is able to prevent vandals from easily tampering with the unit.

A vandal-resistant installation will cost a bit more. Even so, it is sometimes well worth the added expense because of the enhanced security that it offers. Each resident or business owner will have to decide the level of security that they are interested in. Furthermore, they have to decide whether or not enhanced features are worth the added cost.



There are a number of factors that need to be considered when deciding on an intercom installation. One of the best ways to walk through all of those factors and to make good decisions is to speak with a reputable professional. Residents and business owners living in New York City should contact Parker Custom Security at (212) 491-5627. Alternatively, you can reach out to them online by going to https://www.parkercustomsecurity.com and they will be glad to discuss any questions with interested parties.

It is helpful to keep in mind that a good intercom system can last for decades. This means that making the right choice and selecting the right features to go with the system is paramount to having one that fulfills the needs of its user. It is worth taking the time to walk through all the considerations. This is in order to find a system that fits all of the user’s needs.


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Even though an advanced system with many different features can cost more there is nothing more costly than choosing a system that ultimately doesn’t work. This is because it then has to be replaced later on. That wasted cost can be avoided by speaking with a professional who can help the user understand what options are available. In addition, they can explain which system will best suit the needs of the user. Once that is done then the system can be installed with confidence. For more information, contact Parker Custom Security today!

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