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It is always convenient to know who’s at the office door before opening it for security purposes. But instead of peeping through the peephole every time, it is better to install an intercom. All commercial properties should have an intercom system. This is so that the security at the main gate can convey the details of the person who has come to visit the premises. Read on to find out how to choose the best company for your intercom installation and repair needs in NYC or NJ.


Intercom repairs and installations

intercom installation and repair

Intercoms can safeguard a commercial property from thieves and burglary attacks. The modern intercoms are designed in a way that adds security to the property. Depending on the type of intercom, users can see the person at the front gate or even have a small conversation with them before opening the door. Companies offering intercom repair installation in NYC and NJ have a variety of intercom systems that are available in various shapes and sizes that come with unique features. Most of the intercoms these days are technologically advanced. Some of the systems that will suit a commercial property are:

1. Audio intercom

Audio intercoms allow communication from the entry gate to the office. They consist of a two-way communication point that includes the call point at the main entrance and a handset that resembles a telephone. This system is often used to open the gate directly using the handset. Many companies provide audio intercoms with keypads that allow entry only by pressing the right codes. Some of the audio intercoms also come with proxy-readers where entry is permitted using a tag or swipe card.

While searching for an intercom repair company, one should check if they have all the above-mentioned types of intercoms. Most importantly, the company should offer not only new installations but also repairs. Sometimes, if one of the parts of the audio intercom doesn’t work, the entire system will malfunction. This requires quick attention from the service provider, and they should send technicians who can fix the problem immediately.

2. Video intercom

Like audio intercoms, video intercoms also allow communication from the front gate. But instead of entering codes, the person who wants to come to the office needs to stand in front of the intercom for face recognition. This system eliminates the risk of intruders walking into the office without permission. Users don’t have to take the trouble of answering the door every time a stranger knocks. It has two-way video conferencing facilities where the user can identify the visitor before letting him/her in.

Usually, a company that offers intercom repair installation in NYC & NJ has experienced technicians who can fix the video cameras quickly if they malfunction. One of the reasons why video intercoms are so popular is they offer smart surveillance in a commercial property. They have unique features like motion sensors and viewing apps that users can make the most of to make sure there are no intruders around.

3. IP intercom

IP intercoms provide a wide range of benefits to the user. Since commercial properties are significantly bigger than residential properties, they require added security. That is precisely what IP intercoms offer. This system is often configured using LAN intuitive software. The technicians from intercom companies will set up a master to master station and a master to the substation. Depending on the area of the property, the user can choose a four-wiring communication system. It includes two core shielded cables, CAT5, and two or four wires.

Users can integrate this system using voice alarm, CCTV, access control, or various other techniques. A huge benefit of this intercom facility is they provide hands-free communication. Most importantly, they are easy to install and require low maintenance. However, companies should also offer IP intercom repair services if the wires don’t function correctly. Some of the features that this intercom system offers are call transferring, three-party conference, remote response, single-digit dialing, call forwarding, and many more.

4. Telephone entry systems

This is a conventional method of controlling visitor access at an office gate. They often come with a technical data sheet where users can list the names and contact numbers of people who can enter the commercial property. A telephone entry system offers a secured entry point to the office. Once the user knows the name of the person who wants to visit, he/she can decide if they should come in.

Telephone entry systems are easier to install among all the other intercom systems. It works like a telephone but has a two-way communication system. This is so that both the visiting person and the one in the office can listen to each other. Some of the conventional telephone entry systems that are used in factories, offices, and other commercial properties are dedicated phone line systems or autodialers, or they have shared phone line systems.

5. Apartment stations

Although the name mentions apartment, it can be used in commercial properties too. Offices located on tall buildings often use apartment stations that can access entry to the people who want to come to the office. These intercom systems usually contain three buttons: talk, listen, and door. Users can hear a buzzer if someone wants to enter through the gate. They need to press the listen button to listen to what the person wants to say, and press talk to respond. If they allow the person to come in, they should press the door button that will open the main door of the building.

The installation and set up of the apartment station is done by the intercom installation company. Sometimes the link between the station and the door is disconnected due to some technical error. The user should inform the installation company immediately to make sure they send a technician to repair the system; otherwise, the entire building may be vulnerable to intruders.

6. Door entry panels

Door entry panels are used in properties where users expect regular visitors. However, the visitors will not have controlled access to the premise. They need to reveal their identity first before they can access the entry panel and come inside. Door entry panels are available in various types. These include push buttons, vandal resistant, video, audio, and digital where they offer an unattached system to let visitors in.

Companies that want to upgrade their intercom to a more cost-effective solution can choose door entry panels. They not only cost less but are also easier to install. Most importantly, they hardly malfunction. So, one may not need to contact the installation company for repairs.


How to find an intercom repair and installation company

There are a few factors to keep in mind while searching for a company offering intercom repair installation in NYC and NJ. Some of these factors are as follows:

• Warranty of the intercoms

No matter what type of intercom the customer selects, the company should always offer a warranty for the product they are installing. Whether it is a new installation or a repair of an existing intercom, warranty is essential. This is to make sure that the customer doesn’t have to face an issue if there is something wrong with the system.

• Licensed technicians

Users must inquire about the license of the technician before hiring the company. Service providers offering intercom repair & installation in NYC or NJ should have licensed technicians who are well trained. This eliminates the risk of wrong installations or repair. Most importantly, licensed technicians are usually experienced because they have to do an internship before acquiring their practice license. Therefore, their quality of service will be much better.

• Following industry standards

All the intercom systems that the company sells should meet the industry standards. This means that the company believes in customer satisfaction and safety.

• Using the latest tools

The technicians of the intercom repair & installation company should be using the latest tools in the business. This allows faster installation and repairs so that the commercial property can use the intercom system again. Intercoms that malfunction can become a threat to the employees if there are intruders lurking around. Therfore, quick action is always essential.


Why Hire Us

One of the companies that offer installation of new intercom systems and repairs broken ones is Parker Custom Security. They have a team of highly experienced technicians who work on some of the latest intercoms in the market. This is a company that believes in customer safety and security along with their 100% customer satisfaction. Their intercoms come with unmatched features that last for years.

Another reason why Parker Custom Security is the leading intercom repair and installation company in NYC & NJ is that they always turn up on time. Punctuality is crucial when it comes to repairing intercoms. In addition, this is a rare company that puts customer satisfaction ahead of the interests of the business. Customers can choose the type of intercom they want, and there will be a company representative available to explain the benefits of using the system.


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With more than 15 years of experience under their belt, Parker Custom Security is one of the best in the business when it comes to offering intercom repairs and installations. You can call them at (212)491-5627 for NYC residents, or (800)717-5815 for NJ residents, to learn more about the best intercoms for your commercial property.

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It is always convenient to know who’s at the office door before opening it for security purposes. But instead of peeping through the peephole every time, it is better to install an intercom. All commercial properties should have an intercom system. This is so that the security at the main gate can convey the details of the person who has come to visit the premises. Read on to find out how to choose the best company for your intercom installation and repair needs in NYC or NJ.

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