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Did you know that the Manhattan rate of robbery is 68 percent above the national average? Did you know their standard of assault is 34 percent above it? Has the realization struck that your front door could be the only thing keeping you from contributing to these statistics? Doors are meant to keep things out; you should make sure yours are well-equipped to do so.

Installation and Repair

 Even if your business has already been broken into, it’s okay. We’re here to help. We work closely with you (our client) to ensure that we provide a security door that suits your specific needs. Whether it’s repairing an existing front door, installing a new one, or finding something durable that doesn’t leave your customers thinking they just walked onto a maximum security facility—Call 212-491-5627 to talk to a representative and get your free quote today.

Front Doors and Security

 If you own a local Manhattan storefront, you have things of value inside your establishment, and you want to be able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that your valuables are safe and well-guarded. Your front door is the main obstacle in any burglar or ne’er-do-well’s path; it should be more than just sturdy. A proper security door can and should:

  • Deter burglary
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Prevent the spread of fire
  • Positively attribute to your company’s interior/exterior design

 Our doors are capable of all of the above.

दरवाज़ा स्थापना एवं मरम्मत सेवाएँ NYC

The Benefits of a Fire-Rated Door

 As of late, riots have been breaking out around the NYC area. People are outraged and burning down businesses with no discretion and very little discrimination. The typical burglar is often off-put by a well-structured security door- it would take too much time and energy to breach it. However, our security doors are also highly rated on the fire resistance scale. So, what’s the benefit of a fire-resistant door? It prevents the spread of fire. A fire-rated door could mean the difference between losing everything and buying time for the fire department to arrive. 

More than Just Doors

 In addition to our fire resistant doors, we also install and repair:

Doorways and frames

Gates and ironwork

CCTV systems

Access control panels


Intercom systems

 Have you ever heard the saying, “a chain is only as strong as it’s the weakest link”? I’m sure you have. Chains were initially designed to bear heavy loads, draw water from wells, or keeping strong prisoners at bay. If anyone of the links in the chain were too weak to do that, then the chain itself was rendered useless; Your security system is the same way. A secure door is only a single link in a string meant to bear the burden of keeping your establishment safe. 

All of the products we offer here Parker Custom Security are designed to come together as one strong and secure chain. Our Frame and Doorway installations make great anchors for the doors themselves. This added measure makes them much harder to breach through force alone. Installing Parker’s Specialized Locks would make picking a difficult feat as well. Our CCTV and Intercom Systems can be used in tandem to make sure you always know who’s at your front door, and our access control panels help ensure that only your people can gain entry to your company. You can count on Parker Custom Security to install or repair any of these security features. We even have Gates and Ironwork that help to secure your company perimeter.

Call For a Free Quote

 Whether your goal is prevention or repair, Parker Custom Security is the best place to go for all your security (door and accessory) needs. With our fast and efficient installations, we can help you secure your storefront in no time. I’m currently making our services available in Manhattan and all of New York City. Our quotes are:

  • 100 Percent Free
  • Exclusive (per order)
  • Detailed with no hidden fees

 My local office is located at 217 W. 135th Street, New York, NY 10030. If you ever find yourself near me, feel free to stop by or Call 212-491-5627 to ask for a free quote on our fast & efficient service.

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