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We Install Or Repair Fire-Rated Doors

Do you own a local NY storefront? Then, you should think about how secure your security door is. The typical burglar is often put off by a well-structured security door- it would take too much time and energy for them to breach it, but what happens when your burglar is packing more than just brute force?

The Benefits of a Fire-Rated Door

 As of late, riots have been breaking out all over NY. People are outraged and burning down businesses with no discretion and very little discrimination. So, what’s the benefit of a fire-resistant door? It prevents the spread of fire. A fire-rated door could mean the difference between losing everything and buying time for the fire department to arrive. We here at Parker Custom Security go above and beyond, ensuring that all our security doors are also highly rated on the fire resistance scale.

More than Fire Resistant

 I understand that you are running a business. While your product and person’s security is the most important thing, it doesn’t have to be realized at the expense of good exterior/interior design. We here at, Parker Custom Security, are proud to say that our front doors are all: 

  • Long-lasting and strong
  • Practical and functional 
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Varying in design
  • Specially tested and approved

All of our doors are designed to be tough, tested, and fire-resistant. Any superficial choice you make won’t be at the expense of your company’s overall security- and there are many styles to choose from.

Doors, Doors, and More Doors

 Here at Parker Custom Security, there is a multitude of fire-resistant security doors to choose from. Including, but not limited to:

 Each design has its strong suits and aesthetic appeal.

खोखले धातु के दरवाजे

 Gorgeous yet durable, these classically styled doors are made of insulated, reinforced steel. Though hollow, they are believed to be more sturdy than other types of security doors. For this reason, they are usually the most popular choice. We understand that our clientele is mainly concerned with business owners, and the image is an essential part of any business. So, even though they can take a beating, each door is designed with more than just robustness. 

 These doors are:

  • Custom-made
  • Beautiful
  • Reliable
  • Specially tested by Parker Custom Security

 Our 9-panel doors would add flare to any local storefront, and our French, 15-panel doors hold with them an air of quiet sophistication. There are many other designs to choose from and, if you can’t find one that’s just right, you could always customize something new. If you love the durability and look of this design, consider our matching entry points. Installing a reinforced entry point would only heighten your security while providing a more uniform and professional look for your company. 


The Aluminum Door 

 An excellent and cost-efficient substitute for our Iron Door, our Aluminum Door is up to the industry-leading standard. Each one:

  • Is resilient
  • Is high quality
  • Has insulation improving thermal barrier

 We design them with both commercial and residential use in mind. Our medium style dark bronze aluminum frame is fit for a French boutique, and our Wide stile dark bronze single door would look gorgeous adorning any building entrance. Browse our Aluminum Gallery to see more beautiful aluminum-based designs and decide whether this is the right door.

Kalamein Doors

 The newest edition to our door repertoire, the Kalamein Door, is reinforced steel applied to a solid wood base under pressure. 

  • Solid
  • Durable
  • Dependable

 This door comes in many colors and designs. Decorative features are added to this door for cosmetic appeal. It provides a sturdy barrier while presenting an image you could be proud to have on the front of your building.

हरक्यूलाइट दरवाजे

 This tempered glass is proven to be more shatter-resistant than regular plate glass. All while providing a sleek and modern look for any entryway. The herculite design is:

  • Modern
  • Resilient
  • Shatter-resistant 

 As always, there are many variations of this design available for you to choose from. Our long-bar-handle door adds a sophisticated and stately touch to any room or entryway, and our short-curve-handle door could (cosmetically speaking) bring your company into the new age. Explore our Herculite Gallery to see more of this excellent design.

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 Whether your goal is prevention or repair, Parker Custom Security is the best place to go for all your security (door and accessory) needs. With our fast and efficient installations, we can help you secure your storefront in no time at all. I’m currently making our services available in Manhattan and all of New York City. Our quotes are:

  • 100 Percent Free
  • Exclusive (per order)
  • Detailed with up-front pricing

 My local office is located at 217 W. 135th Street, New York, NY 10030. If you ever find yourself near me, feel free to stop by or Call 212-491-5627 to ask for a free quote on our fast & efficient service today.

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