IP Intercom Systems
Siedle IP Intercom Repair & Installation Service NYC

Siedle Scope is not just a mobile video intercom, hands-free device and cordless landline telephone in one. Siedle Scope also offers an array of convenience functions, like video memory that records who has rung the bell complete with picture and time stamp.

IP Intercom System

ABB-Welcome IP Outdoor Station

• Clear design
• With loudspeaker and microphone
• Brushed stainless steel surface
• Opening of the door with a private or public password
• Opening of the door by NFC cellphones, IC/NFC cards or ID cards

video entry phone system

The kit allows use of the video entry phone system via a door entry monitor as well as tablets and smartphones on the Wi-Fi network. The door entry monitor system should nevertheless be connected to an ADSL router or another device guaranteeing Wi-Fi connectivity. Depending on bandwidth limitations, up to 16 appliances (including door entry monitors, smartphones, tablets and PCs) with 4 simultaneous door entry monitor streams can be connected to the system. It also allows “intercom” communication between all of the 16 devices served. Mobile devices can only connect to the system via the Wi-Fi network.

video doorbell installation nyc nyc

Surface or flush mounting
Audio/Video intercom (VoIP) for visitor communication (SIP)
3D face recognition system for highly secure biometric identification
Connection via Ethernet or 2wire (with 128 Bit AES encryption)
Sunlight-readable 5,7 inch LC-display
Intuitive touch screen user interface
Connect to your home through a 3G/4GLTE or WiFi
Easy to install- just go to the Apple App Store for iOS devices or Android devices

video doorbell

IP TECHNOLOGY: INTELLIGENT AND ADVANCED IP technology overcomes the limits of conventional video door entry systems

• Performance increases using 100% digital transmission signals
• Distance limited only by standard network infrastructure and mobile network
• Multiple simultaneous audio/video communication between any stations • Unlimited number of users
• Connected simply via new and/or existing LAN/VPN/Mobile networks.

multi-platform video intercom system

The IX series is a network-based communication and security system featuring video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations, and paging. All units and apps in the system can unlock doors remotely on a network, assist onsite visitors from an offsite location, broadcast emergency announcements, and communicate using a PoE network.