Door Closers Locks

The 4040XP Series is LCN’s most durable surface-mounted heavy-duty closer, designed for the most demanding high-use-and-abuse applications. It meets ANSI/BHMA A156.4 Grade 1 standards and ADA reduced opening force requirements. This closer is cUL listed and UL listed for self-closing doors without hold-open and boasts a 30-year limited warranty.
The 4040XP Series features include standard non-handed plastic cover, with optional plated finish available for cover, arm and fasteners. Materials include high-strength cast-iron cylinder, forged steel arm, double heat-treated steel pinion and full complement, low friction bearing for rugged reliability in high-traffic installations.


Recommended for exterior gates on high-end residences and commercial building campuses.

• Includes closer body, mounting bracket, arm and slide track
• Track has pass thru hole to avoid debris build-up
• Components are rust-resistant
• Surface closer has adjustable latch speed, closing speed and back check
• May be mounted on cross-member or spokes
• Hanging means by others
• All weather fluid
• All machine screws
• Black finish only


Duo-Chek® Model 10, 12, 15, 16

The Duo-Chek® is for high-end residential applications, such as the double-acting door going from the kitchen to the dining room.

• The weight of the door is supported at bottom
• Uses laws of gravity to its advantage
• Door swings with less resistance
• Reduced stress on frame
• Fasteners are in shear, not tension
• Eliminates door sag
• Hardened steel spindles
• Thrust bearing supports vertical load
• Needle bearings for lateral forces
• Bottom arm directly attached to closer spindle. A mechanical advantage that increases efficiency, ensuring that ADA compliant opening forces will still close the door
• One-to-one ratio of door swing to spindle rotation makes control more precise • Floor closers are more efficient than a regular arm surface closer.


The Arrow DC500 Series Heavy Duty Surface Applied Door Closers are ideal for Institutions or other high traffic applications. The DC500 is designed for end users looking for value and versatility in a rugged design making this Series suitable for a wide variety of applications.


The Norton® Series 78-B/F Potbelly Surface Closers represent a combination of traditional styling and modern closer features. All closer sizes are contained within a single size aluminum alloy shell. Templates for installing this closer are the same for all closer sizes.

In addition only two springs are needed to accommodate the complete range of door sizes. One clock spring is adjustable to meet the closing force requirements for closer sizes 2, 3, and 4. One other larger spring can be adjusted to meet the closing force for closer sizes 5 and 6. Both springs are powerful enough to provide an additional 50% power increase over the minimum closing force for the largest size in their range; i.e. 50% over size 4 and 50% over size 6.

These Norton Traditional Surface Closers have an unusual ability to accommodate power adjustment to their environment. The adjustable clock coil spring provides a small incremental increase or decrease through a wide range of closer power. They can be adjusted to meet the exact power requirements of the installation. Sweep speed, latch speed and backcheck cushioning can also be adjusted to door, frame and variable conditions.


Grade 1 Hydraulic Surface Applied Door Closer

The 7400 Series door closer is featuring back-check and adjustable spring sizes thus being the ideal solution in a wide variety of applications, including barrier-free. This Grade 1 hydraulic surface door closer is both flexible and easy to install. The 7400 Series offers a compact design and is available in a variety of sprayed finishes to complement any opening’s decor.