Commercial Lock Installation for Building Owners & Management Companies

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You must understand how a new system operates before you install it in your building. Since they work so well, mechanical approaches to securing access to a property have been around for centuries with little transition. Small modifications to conventional lock pinning techniques have had a significant impact on locks making them more effective and less expensive to maintain.

Here are the different types of lock system

  • Deadbolt Lock, for the majority of exterior doors, deadbolt locks are a popular, reliable, and economical security option. Your door’s cylinder, which has a keyhole on the outside, runs through it, serving as the center of the locking mechanism. 
  • Combined Locks, numbers, letters, or symbols must be entered in a specific order to open a combination lock. The keypad and dials that rotate and are connected to internal discs are the two most typical ways to enter this sequence. Single dial, multiple dials, and electronic combination locks are some examples of the different types of combination locks.
  •  Cam locks are a great option if you want something relatively simple. The cylindrical base of the cam lock, which has a keyhole, and the metal cam, which is positioned perpendicular to the base’s end, make up the lock. The cam is moved upwards or downward when the key is turned while it is inserted into the keyhole.
  • Digital and Covert Locks, There are also entirely electronic locks that help secure doors and cabinets in more high-priority areas, even though the majority of the locks discussed above have some sort of electronic variation. Although we won’t delve into the intricate technical details of these locks, they can generally be opened by pressing a numerical keypad mounted on the door or piece of furniture that is being secured. Because of this, they are the ideal keyless lock for situations in which multiple people require access to the space or the container is locked.
  • Locks for glass doors, Glass doors are typically not huge, heavy, or impenetrable because they frequently serve the purpose of fostering a natural ambiance in the home. In this manner, the locks don’t interfere with the door’s aesthetics or cause obstructions when a person tries to open and close the door while it is unlocked. It’s important to remember that installing, repairing, or changing these types of locks may be challenging for someone without previous experience working with glass. Patio doors, trophy cases, and other types of glass cabinets are the ones that typically use glass door locks.


Three main justifications exist for purchasing this kind of system.

  • Improved Security, A more secure locking system can reduce your company’s liability while also removing management problems that could compromise your security. It’s critical to take action to minimize your company’s liability in today’s world of regulations and risks.
  • Controlled Prices, Costly security doesn’t have to be overly expensive. The ongoing maintenance and management costs are minimal once you’ve invested in a key control system. You must consider both the costs of installing a key control system and the potential costs associated with the theft of valuable assets or data.
  • Convenience, Consider the time you waste waiting for a locksmith to change your locks or replacing lock cylinders and cores. These inefficiencies are eliminated by rekeyable locks, which enable your company to continue operating normally even if an employee misplaces a key.

You must be aware of how much time will be required to maintain any new lock and key management system before installing it. Fortunately, these lock systems are simple to operate and keep up with. By allowing you to track keyholders and making sure you know who has the keys and that they are all present, online software promotes compliance. You can quickly reset a lock when necessary without changing any physical parts aside from the keys.

When it comes to managing your locks, you have many options. Personalized access codes, mobile applications, voice control, and even biometric information like fingerprints or eye retinal scans are all options. Working with a pro will allow you to create an access control system that includes all of your preferred features.

There are numerous ways to see who is at the door and let them in as well. A mobile app, door stations, entry monitors, and video phones are all options.


It makes sense that when a business owner considers new goods or services, cost-related concerns are constantly at the top of their list. Installation of rekeyable locks and providing restricted keys to employees are both costs, but they can quickly pay for themselves. The price of installing a full system will, of course, vary depending on the size of your organization and the number of doors you need to secure. Contact Parker Customs Security to discuss your particular needs and obtain a detailed cost estimate.