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Door Repair NYC

Need professional and affordable NYC door repair services? It would be best to look no further because you have reached the correct location. Parker Custom

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Need professional and affordable NYC door repair services? It would be best to look no further because you have reached the correct location. Parker Custom Security provides dependable door repair services at affordable prices.


Don’t worry if your door is not functioning properly or is not functioning at all. You only need to contact us, and we will arrive at your location as quickly as possible to assist you. We have provided excellent door services for many years. This is what sets our team apart from the competition.

Parker Custom Commercial Door Repair NYC

Don’t worry! The best company for door repairs in NYC is Parker Custom Security. We specialize in efficient and precise door repair. We can bring new life into your old doors with some restoration work and offer you a new beginning. Your doors’ issues can be identified immediately, and we can fix them swiftly so they work perfectly again. We offer emergency services 24/7!


Parker Custom Security repairs commercial doors, glass doors, fire doors, door closers, and more.


Parker Custom Residential Door Service NYC

Whether you want to maintain the condition of your residential door or replace a malfunctioning door, we have you covered. When you contact us, you are sure to experience prompt, high-quality residential door services at an affordable price.

We are capable of repairing all varieties of residential doors. This enables our professionals effortlessly gain the trust of the public. You can rely on us and our services to receive exceptional door service at an affordable price.



When you hire us for residential door repair, we will take the time to perform a thorough, careful job to satisfy you. We take the time to perform repairs that are lasting and expeditious.


In New York City, Parker Custom Security repairs residential doors, entry doors, house doors, front door services, door frames, wood doors, and more.

Get Expert Door Repair NYC From Parker Custom Security

We have completed thousands of residential and commercial client projects over many years in the industry. Parker Custom Security is the primary provider of door repair services in New York and New Jersey, so choose us if you need door repair services.

Wood Door Repair

Wood door repair involves restoration. This may include mending cracks, splits, or deterioration in the wood, fixing or replacing hinges and doorknobs, and refinishing or repainting the door for appearance and durability.

Storefront Glass Door Repair

Replace commercial storefront glass doors. Fixing a door may involve replacing hinges, locks, glass panels, and alignment.

Corrosion Resistant Door Repair

 Corrosion-resistant door repair fixes doors that resist moisture, chemicals, and other corrosives. Repairing rusty parts, replacing corroded parts, and testing the door’s performance and reliability are common in commercial and industrial environments.

 Aluminum Door Repair

 Repairing aluminum doors is the main focus. This may include fixing dents, scratches, or other surface damage, replacing worn-out hardware, adjusting hinges or tracks, and ensuring the door runs smoothly.

 Glass Door Repair

 Glass door repair entails repairing or replacing components of a door whose primary material is glass. This may involve repairing cracks, chips, or fractured glass panels, replacing faulty hinges or locks, and ensuring the door is aligned and functional.

Fireproof Door Repair

Fireproof door maintenance maintains or repairs fire-resistant doors. Repairing fireproof seals, replacing closing mechanisms, assuring adequate clearance and alignment, and providing fire protection may be needed.

Metal Door Repair

Metal door repair refers to repairing doors predominantly composed of metal, such as steel or iron. The repair may involve addressing dents, corrosion, misalignment, malfunctioning hardware, or any other structural or functional damage to the door.

Sliding Door Repair

Repairing sliding doors requires track repair. Repairs may include fixing sticking, jamming, misalignment, broken rollers, tracks, and door operation.

Handicap Door Repair

Handicap door maintenance and repair are for accessible doors. This may require fixing automatic door openers, changing door closing mechanisms, assuring accessibility, and making the door usable for disabled people.


Parker Custom 24/7 Emergency Commercial Door Repair

We are always available to assist you. We have access to all repair parts at all times and can work around your schedule so that you do not have to cease your business for repairs immediately.


Parker Custom Security is happy to continue serving the great cities of New York and New Jersey, where no other door repair company has earned the same level of customer trust.


Most commercial and residential door repairs can be performed on-site or at our place of business for the highest degree of convenience in any circumstance. As New Yorkers, we understand how cramped spaces and distracting drilling sounds can make it challenging to work.

Your utmost satisfaction is our top priority!

At Parker Custom Security, we take pride in providing you with the latest technology, installation methods, and prompt and dependable service. Therefore, we assure excellent results and satisfaction.


If you intend to find out more about the feedback we receive, please read our customer reviews. We are more than willing to provide references.

Frequently Asked Questions

Door Repair NYC

We provide many door repair services at Parker Custom Security. Our trained professionals will fix damaged frames, broken hinges, faulty locks, misaligned doors, squeaky hinges, and malfunctioning door closers. We can fix residential, commercial, and security doors.

The issue and intricacy determine how long a door repair takes. Replacing a hinge or changing a lock takes an hour or two. Repairing a damaged frame or fixing structural faults may take longer. We work swiftly without sacrificing quality to fix your door.

Our door repair service covers interior and outdoor doors. We can fix any style of door, including bedroom doors, front entry doors, sliding patio doors, and more. We fix doors made of wood, metal, fiberglass, and glass so that we can meet all your door repair needs.

Requesting door repair from Parker Custom Security is simple. Call, email, or visit our website to report your door issue to our customer care team. We will promptly schedule a servicing appointment at your convenience. If you need more clarification about the issue or professional guidance, we can send a specialist to your location for an examination before repairing it.