Professionelle Installation von kommerziellen Sicherheitskameras in der Nähe von New York, NY

Considering the commercial menace nowadays, we can’t ignore the fact that having a reliable commercial security system is the actual need of the hour. Undoubtedly, camera coverage is a fundamental component of all security systems. In all likelihood, it needs to be the first port of call for those looking to enhance their security levels.

Parker’s adequately set up CCTV system has a significant role in keeping customers, employees, and physical premises secure and safe. Mainly, the mere presence of a properly installed and visible camera system may deter criminals/burglars before they even think of stealing or breaking in.

In general, the cameras provide the people/ employees in and around your premises with a sense of security, with peace of mind that there will be a record of what transpires if something goes wrong.

Modern CCTV security systems such as Parker’s may be accessed from any location in the world with an internet connection. That means if you own multiple offices, then you’re in an industry that is at a high risk of such a threat. And if you travel often and need to monitor the facilities from your location, it would be best to get a comprehensive CCTV system from Parker Custom Security.

Why Commercial CCTV Installation?

As aforementioned, CCTV for businesses primarily protects every commercial site from the dangers of invaders and other risk factors such as fire. Areas with precious stock, high-risk environments, or where confidential data is kept gained from their variety of high-definition cameras. Parker’s advanced camera technology allows high-quality images to be recorded of individuals entering and exiting. What’s more, it can zoom in for more clarity.

Their Commercial CCTV installations entail:

· Fixed or Temporary CCTV
· CCTV hire
· Wireless detection systems

Providing affordable solutions, these CCTV systems can lower the need for an actual physical security presence on that site. General advancements in CCTV technology allow Parker’s systems to be utilized across numerous applications such as machine condition monitoring. It’s also used in human body temperature monitoring to help combat the spread of infectious diseases.

Besides enabling high-definition visual verification, site-wide commercial CCTV security ensures that any intruder trying to get unauthorized access is sent an audible warning. If the intruder doesn’t vacate the building as instructed, then your property’s key holder and the emergency services will immediately be informed. Furthermore, the CCTV recording means the perpetrator’s accurate description and visual image may easily be given should further follow-up or investigation be needed.

The Benefits of Choosing Parker’s CCTV Camera Systems

When something occurs, that shouldn’t, and you would want to know what happened when it occurred and who was involved in your premises.

And there is a high likelihood that nobody was there at that time. That said, even eyewitnesses might not tell the whole picture.

Parker’s high-quality security cameras can provide you with the knowledge you require about the incident, including:

· Find out what exactly happened.
· Be able to take any action based on precise information.
· Give evidence to support the specific action taken.
· View images remotely.

Typically, digital security systems may be fitted almost anywhere, and their highly skilled installation team may have them working very fast.

CCTV Cameras

Parker Custom Security manufactures, fits, and maintains a considerable variety of high-definition CCTV cameras to satisfy demanding needs such as mobile CCTV systems, explosion-proof CCTV systems, vandal-resistant CCTV systems, covert CCTV systems, and marine CCTV systems.

CCTV Maintenance

Parker Custom Security offers routine CCTV servicing & maintenance. They aim to ensure your security system is working and fully operational 24/7, 365 days of the year. It guarantees optimum protection for your employees, visitors, building and ensures you abide by all legal, data protection, and insurance requirements.

CCTV Monitoring

Parker’s recently upgraded monitoring center offers you a much faster, more efficient response. They can monitor your external and internal security cameras, all from their central monitoring station.

Video Analytics

In general, video analytics may transform typical CCTV systems into effective and intelligent detection and alert systems. Digital security cameras are capable of automatically identifying/ recognizing faces of people, bags, vehicles, and even animals. Whether it’s CCTV face recognition cameras, people counting software, or intruder detection systems, Parker Custom Security offers a one-stop shop for all sorts of analytic solutions.

How Can Parker Custom Security Help?

For starters, they will carry out a no-obligation site survey to find out the specific areas of your building that are most vulnerable. They’ll then explain all of the available options and offer guidance on which type of security system will keep your office/ premises safe and secure.

The team of CCTV installers and surveyors at Parker Custom Security have the relevant experience and expertise in all aspects of security systems such as wired CCTV systems, wireless CCTV systems, 4K CCTV systems, and IP CCTV systems. Their primary goal is to help you achieve your business security systems, management, and safety needs.

Would you like to find out more about Parker’s digital security solutions? All you’ll need to do is to call (212) 491-5627 to talk to a member of their staff today.

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