Installation einer Gegensprechanlage in NYC

Have you ever been locked out of your home or office? It’s definitely not a good feeling, especially if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, or if you’re already late for an appointment. A professional intercom installation like Parker Custom Security will provide the best protection and security for you in the comfort of your home or office, which means that you won’t have to worry about getting locked out ever again.

We install and maintain intercom systems safely. Contact us for fast, reliable intercom installation in home and commercial settings.

Increase Security at Your Place of Business or Residence

An excellent way to improve security at your home or office building is through intercom systems. They give you incomparable peace of mind by letting you control who is allowed to enter your property. By assisting you with installing intercom systems at any location, Parker Custom Security increases security, streamlines door access control, and facilitates visitor management. We are experts at setting up, troubleshooting and fixing intercom systems. Our professional team will help you select an intercom system that fits the size of your business and solves all of your issues. Regardless of your worries, Parker Custom Security will undoubtedly develop a workable solution that meets your requirements.

Installation einer Gegensprechanlage in NYC

Installation eines Zugangskontrollsystems in NYC

Residential Intercom Systems

Depending on the layout, size, and location of your property, as well as your requirements, an intercom system may be necessary for your home. You are more likely to experience trespassers, theft, and break-ins if you reside in an apartment complex with unrestricted access or on a large, distant property. You can control who enters your home thanks to an intercom service that establishes limits around it. With a security camera, you can watch the visitor and validate their identification before allowing them access to your property. Call the experts at Parker Custom Security for a secure and cost-effective intercom system installation.

Commercial Intercom Systems

Intercom systems can be fitted to any property size but work best in a more businesslike environment. Intercom systems enhance security standards and increase their effectiveness and efficiency. It’s ideal for receptionists or office workers to screen guests while sitting at your desk. Your managers or staff can quickly authorize workers with only the push of a button using an intercom system. You are sure that no one can enter your property without sufficient authorization if an intercom system is present.

Installation eines Zugangskontrollsystems in NYC

Intercom Installation NYC Process

Step 1: Inspect the master station box or enclosure to establish how large an aperture must be cut for it, then choose the master station’s position. The manufacturer usually supplies a bracket or flange with holes for mounting screws to attach the master station to a wall.

Step 2: Cut comparable holes in each substation’s walls. Set the substations aside until you can install their wiring after sizing the holes and making any required adjustments.

Step 3: Check the circuit diagram. In a standard master station-substation installation, only the master station is wired into the home’s electrical system, and substations are connected to the master station through multiwire cables. For an intercom cable, request one with the proper number of conductors and a jacket.

Step 4: Each substation needs a cable to the master station. For cleaner installation, run the substation wire down the wall into the basement, crawl area, or attic. Next, run the wire through the joists to the master station’s in-wall area. All substation cables travel to the master station, so the floor area in the wall below needs a greater entry hole. Label and relocate cables to the master station entrance. Pressure-sensitive tape numbers wires.

Step 5: Connect the three wires to the substation unit’s terminals at each substation location using the wire color or other identifying code stamped on the terminal screws. To disguise the wall aperture, fasten the substation unit to a wall stud and attach the trim molding around it.

Step 6: The master station should receive all substation and power line wires that have been connected. It is best to wall-mount the master station.

Step 7: Check the intercom system’s performance. If a substation doesn’t work, check its terminal connections and master station wires.

Professional Intercom Installation NYC

Parker Custom Security offers expert intercom services for apartment complexes, businesses, and individual residences. We can ensure that your system operates effectively because we have the necessary skills and knowledge.

Dependable expertise

Intercom installation and repair is our specialty. We have installed and serviced intercom systems for a variety of New York City customers for over 20 years.

At Parker Custom Security we provide fast, economical, high-quality service. We can install or repair your communication system.


100% customer satisfaction

We offer the greatest customer service. Our team strives to satisfy you, whether it’s a simple repair or a sophisticated installation.

We have over 40 qualified, insured, and certified technicians to deliver the greatest client service. Our team is committed to fast, affordable, high-quality service. We’re always here to help.

Affordable high-quality installations

Our products and services are the best. We install intercom systems using the best materials and parts without compromising quality.

Consult Experts in Intercom Installation NYC

You need to look at Parker Custom Security if you are unsure of your exact demands and believe you might benefit from an expert assessment. Parker Custom Security is entirely prepared to offer you the recommendations, goods, and services that match your demands for installation or maintenance. To have the utmost peace of mind, you can contact us at any moment to find out how to keep your home or place of business safe and secure.

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Installation einer Gegensprechanlage in NYC

Absolutely! Intercom systems can be integrated with almost any other kind of security solution, and access control systems are among the most frequent integrations.

You may check visitors before they enter your property when you link an intercom system with an access control system. You can contact visitors at the front door to confirm their identity (or view them if you select a video intercom). After that, you may click a button to open the door and let them inside utilizing the access control integration.

Your choice of system and features will determine this. Installing an internet-capable intercom system is the only option to gain remote access to your intercom system. In this manner, even while you’re not on the premises, you may utilize your intercoms and communicate with others nearby by logging into your system from any device.

Internet access is often not available with standard intercom systems. Make sure you select a system with the appropriate functionality if remote access is something you consider to be crucial.

Wired vs. wireless solutions are the most common security system questions. Each has perks and cons, so you decide which is best for you.
Installing and managing wireless solutions is usually easier. They have fewer pieces (no wires) and may be put in most buildings. Distance between speakers can cause connectivity concerns because they use radio waves. Wireless solutions are appropriate for small properties with simple intercom needs.
Long-distance wired systems are more reliable and secure. If you need an intercom system for a large structure, many buildings, or an outdoor gate, a wired system will provide unparalleled reliability across long distances.

It’s impossible to give a cost estimate for every property because there are so many intercom systems. Three factors determine intercom system installation cost:

  • Equipment – The expense of physical equipment like intercom speakers. Intercom systems with additional features and technology cost more. The price depends on the intercom unit quantity.
  • Installation – Always have a professional install your intercom system. Whether you go wired or wireless will determine installation expenses. Wired systems must be hardwired into your property, which costs additional.
  • System maintenance costs. Cloud, monitoring, and connectivity services are included in certain intercom systems. Wireless systems need battery replacements also.

What else can intercom systems do? Everyone is aware that they enable easy voice communication between rooms. Choose features for your intercom system that will meet your needs if you want to get the most out of it. Some of the most popular intercom system characteristics are listed below:

  • Video calling
  • Internet accessibility
  • Remote calling with a group
  • Noise reduction

Video intercoms are by far the most often requested of these features. They enable you to see and hear individuals in other rooms, and in an emergency, they can also serve as security cameras.