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Just like residential homes, commercial properties have doors, and those doors need to be installed and sometimes repaired. However, unlike most residences, commercial doors must be extra strong and extra safe to protect not only the goods inside but also the individuals inside. A professional commercial doors repair and installation service is the best option for a business in NYC.

In addition to the installation, repair, and maintenance of doors, there are other services commercial properties need, such as locks, access controls, CCTV, and more. What are some of the services that a commercial doors repair and installation service can do?

Services We Offer

  1. Videoüberwachung

Closed-circuit television, otherwise known as Videoüberwachung, is a form of video surveillance. In the 21st-century, millions of CCTV fixtures have been installed worldwide. For commercial properties, having a CCTV helps keep a company safe, not only during the day but also at night. There are many kinds of CCTV fixtures that a commercial service can install, such as HD Cameras, ID Cameras, Analog Cameras, monitors, recorders, and discrete cameras that don’t look like surveillance cameras. CCTV professionals can help a company choose the best system.


  1. Türeinbau

No commercial door company would be complete without offering door installation. A professional company can install doors such as hollow metal doors. These are solid metal doors that provide protection, but that are also attractive. Aluminum doors can also be installed. These are popular doors that can be in a single or double form. Another form that is popular with commercial establishments is Herculite doors. These thick, frameless glass doors are some of the most attractive doors a commercial property can have. They come in a variety of colors and textures. These are the doors that consumers are used to seeing on commercial properties.

Parker Custom NYC-Reparaturservice für den Einbau von Gewerbetüren


  1. Gegensprechanlagen

Another valuable resource for commercial properties is intercom systems. These are security systems that are as popular with some businesses as CCTV systems. A professional commercial door company is highly equipped to install and maintain these kinds of systems. An intercom system helps a company determine who enters their property. These systems include entry panels, audio intercoms, video intercoms, and more. 

Audio intercoms, for example, are extremely popular for companies, especially those that are located in neighborhoods that are not as safe as other neighborhoods. Not every business can have standard door entries without safety measures. In these cases, audio intercoms help reduce security problems.


  1. Access Controls

Access controls are devices that let people who work for a commercial property, for example, enter the property. For example, standalone access keypads are popular for this kind of need. An employee can type in a security code, and that code would allow the employee to have access to the property. Another example is smart card access. In one example, a person can swipe their company-issued card to get into a property. Access controls put access in control of the individual while at the same time protecting the company based on that individual’s verified integrity. This kind of control would not work for companies that do not have verified integrity for its employees. Bank employees, for example, are suited for access controls.


  1. Lock Installation

Keys and locks have been around for decades, and even though technology continues to evolve for entrance into commercial buildings, the traditional lock and key are still popular. It is the most well-known kind of way to enter a property. Commercial locks must be not only strong but burglary proof. Therefore, a professional commercial door supplier is the best way to find locks that work best for commercial properties. Locks such as mortise locks, top locks, button locks, and more are available. It is best to consult with the professionals to discover which locks would be best for a business.



  1. Gates and Ironwork

Here is where a commercial doors repair and installation service can really shine. When your company is searching for gates or ironwork, it’s a professional company that one should go to. Iron gate doors and windows, for example, are manufactured in a way that looks attractive for the company, but that provides the security that is expected. These are doors that can be specially designed for a particular business. 

Specialty items can also be created, such as garbage enclosures made of iron or state of the art entrance gates. With gates and ironwork, it is not a one-size-fits-all. Therefore, a professional company can customize gates and ironwork to suit your company.


Why Choose Parker Custom Security?

Parker Custom Security, a commercial doors repair and installation service, located in New Jersey and New York City, has been in business for over 15 years and has worked with scores of commercial properties. Any issue involving commercial doors, including any of the wide variety of brands, can be handled by Parker Custom Security. We are a highly professional company that has worked with top commercial properties. 

Parker Custom Security only employs the most highly skilled individuals who have ample experience with commercial doors with both installation and repair. This is important because of the nature of commercial doors and how secure they must be. We also are highly skilled with all other services, including locks, security, and access. All necessary and state-of-the-art equipment is on hand with Parker Custom Security.




One of the ways that you can trust a commercial door company is by reviewing the work they’ve done before. Parker Custom Security has an impressive portfolio which includes America Realty, LLC., Upper Manhattan Co-op Building, National Academy Museum, Harlem Children’s Zone, and more. Customers can see our work on display and see for themselves how well our services are.


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