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Hire the Best Commercial Doors Installation Service in NJ

Commercial properties need high-quality doors to ensure the safety and security of the workers and customers inside. That is why it is essential to find a company that provides only the best commercial doors installation service in NJ. These companies should also install the doors to make sure no third-party installs them incorrectly.


Types of commercial doors

commercial doors installation in nj

Before searching for commercial doors installation companies in NJ, one should look at the types of doors they can install. This helps you to understand the best doors within your budget. Some of the types of doors that the companies should consider are as follows:

• Herculite doors

Herculite doors look beautiful when installed in an office. They are frameless doors with a modern touch. Primarily, they are made of thick, high-quality transparent glass to add a touch of elegance. The visual appeal of these doors is unmatched. They have an innate inviting capability that attracts employees and customers into the office.

Some of the Herculite doors are available with a thickness of 1”. They come in a variety of glass colors with different textures. Customers can choose from a range of hardware that also needs installation along with the door. This includes the door handles, the hinges, and the side panels. Adding a Herculite door in a commercial property can increase the aesthetics to a great extent. It can be the difference that sets the office apart from others.

• Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors are known for their strength and durability. Ideally, the commercial doors installation company in NJ one searches for should provide premium quality aluminum doors. Most importantly, the aluminum quality should meet industry standards. Depending on the budget, one can choose from single or double aluminum doors.

Like Herculite doors, aluminum doors are also available in a wide range of styles. Companies often provide customized doors that fit the requirements of the customers. Also, the purpose of the door is essential to decide the design of the aluminum door. Aluminum doors are lightweight and easy to open. They are more durable than many other commercial doors. Also, companies often provide aluminum doors with a combination of dual-glazed or tempered glass panels with hydraulic closures to give a better look.

• Hollow metal doors

Hollow metal doors are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Choosing a high-quality door and installation company is essential to make sure that the door lasts long and offers full functionality as promised. Whether it is for interior or exterior application, metal hollow doors can work wonders in commercial properties.

But before hiring a service provider, customers should understand if the application of the hollow metal door is possible or not. Consulting with commercial door professionals will be ideal. They can take measurements of the places where the doors need installation and can come up with the right size and style that suits the property. These doors provide top-notch security to the people inside the building. Therefore, selecting the right service provider and door is crucial.

• Overhead doors

Commercial properties with low head clearance often require overhead doors. These doors are also used in properties where vision lights, soundproofing, and insulation are needed. Many overhead doors come with sectional panels made of fiberglass, steel, or aluminum. These doors also have full-vision panels so that one can see what’s going on outside.

One of the reasons why overhead doors are the preferred choice by many clients is that they are available in both motorized and manual variants. If customers don’t want to face the trouble of lifting the door and bringing it down while opening and closing, they can choose the motorized version that operates with the push of a button. There are many types of overhead doors to choose from. This includes insulated doors, steel wood sectional doors, horizontal sliding doors, hanger doors, telescoping doors, bi-folding doors, and vertical lift doors.

• Roll-up doors

Roll-up doors are mostly used in airplane hangars and warehouses. They secure everything such as the storage units, storefronts, and concession stands. These doors require low maintenance, and that’s why they are used in properties where people don’t have time to take care of the doors. These doors usually roll up into a coil on top to save space. They don’t interfere with the other building structures.

Although roll-up doors may be costly, there are many commercial doors installation companies in NJ that can negotiate the price according to the customer’s requirements. Clients can choose from the range of materials used to make the doors. Some of the types of doors that are available in this type of model are high cycle doors, counter shutters, mini storage doors, insulated doors, motor operators, fire and smoke doors, side coiling partitions, and service doors.

• Entrance and glass doors

Glass entrance doors are popular for their visual appeal. These doors have the widest availability when it comes to design, style, and colors. Moreover, companies offer different types of glasses depending on the budget of the customers. Starting from the thickness of the glass to the etching on it, everything is customizable with glass doors. Most importantly, they are easier to install than other commercial door variants.

Glass doors are often used in offices. They are available both in frameless and framed versions. Frameless doors increase the décor of the office. Furthermore, they require lesser accessories to install. Some of the accessories that commercial door installation companies often offer for glass doors are custom handles, access controls, and automated closers. Some of the doors also have unique hardware for windy areas and high traffic entrances. There are many glass products that may be available from the commercial door installation companies. These include door access controls, door options, and hardware, frameless glass door, glass and aluminum doors.


Finding a reliable commercial door installation company in NJ

Numerous companies provide commercial doors installation, but how is it possible to know which company offers the best service in this category? Here are some of the qualities that everyone should look out for:

1. Offers customized doors

Ideally, all commercial doors installation companies in NJ should offer the option to customize the doors. Whether it is choosing the color of the door or type of glass used, customers should get what they want. Most importantly, personalized doors give customers a chance to meet the other decoration requirements of the property.

2. Highly trained technicians

There is a massive difference between selling a door and installing it. The company that sells and installs commercial doors should have a team of highly trained and licensed technicians. Installation of commercial doors requires unique skills and the technicians should not only be skillful but also experienced.

3. Warranty on products and services

The commercial door company should provide an extended warranty on the doors, accessories, and installations. This ensures that if the door requires repairs within the warranty period, the customer doesn’t have to search for another service provider to repair the door. Also, the technicians that come to install the door should provide maintenance tips to the customers. This will eliminate the chances of wrong maintenance, which causes many commercial doors to require frequent repairs.

4. Emergency door solutions

Many times, commercial properties need immediate door installation or replacement because of a breakdown. This requires urgent attention from the service. While searching for a commercial door installation company, it is also essential to check if the company offers emergency services. This includes quick inspection of the door, providing the appropriate solution such as repairs, and arranging for a replacement door immediately.

Experienced and licensed technicians are crucial for companies offering commercial door installations. Also, companies should use the latest tools and machines that help install the doors quickly. Since commercial doors are significantly bigger than residential doors, they take time to install. But experienced technicians equipped with the modern tools of the trade can finish the installation quicker than others.


Why Hire Us

One of the companies that excel in providing high-quality commercial doors and installation at the property is Parker Custom Security. As the name suggests, they offer the best security solutions with their commercial doors. They believe in full customer satisfaction, and they can go to any extent to provide that. No matter what the size of the building is, their technicians will only provide top-level security by installing high-quality doors.


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Parker Custom Security doesn’t mess around with the security of their clients. They always ensure the full safety of the clients, and that is another reason why they don’t compromise with their commercial doors. Customers can choose from a wide range of styles and colors available for these doors. Most importantly, they think about the client’s security first instead of making a profit. All the commercial doors they sell fit the budget of the customers. Whether it is hollow metal doors or aluminum doors, they provide only the best quality doors. Their technicians are also highly experienced in this business. With more than 15 years in this trade, this company is the best that customers can get. To get started, call (212)491-5627 for industry-leading security service today!

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Commercial properties need high-quality doors to ensure the safety and security of the workers and customers inside. That is why it is essential to find a company that provides only the best commercial doors installation service in NJ. These companies should also install the doors to make sure no third-party installs them incorrectly.

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