keyscan CA8500 – 8 Reader Access Control

Control Unit Features & CapabilitiesControl Unit Features & Capabilities

⦁ Network TCP/IP ready (with NETCOM2P/6P)

⦁ Easily configurable reader settings supporting many Wiegand protocols

⦁ Up to 6,000 transactions retained in file buffer

⦁ Auto transfer protocol uploads file buffer when communication is re-established after an interruption

⦁ Expanded flash memory allows for 45,000 credentials (expandable to 90,000 with special hardware order)

⦁ Robust lockdown and global communication among multiple ACUs (requires CIMs) and multiple communication buses (requires CIM-Links)

⦁ Removable terminal blocks

⦁ Accommodates 512 time schedules and 511 group levels

⦁ Multiple inputs and outputs for expansion

⦁ Supports assigning a single credential holder to 10 different groups

⦁ Dual processors ensure uninterrupted operation during uploads and downloads

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