Best Access Control & CCTV Repair & New Installation in NYC

Best Access Control & CCTV Repair & New Installation in NYC
Are you in need of the Best Access Control & CCTV Repair & New Installation in NYC? Have you experienced difficulties with your security solutions’ performance and quality? Even worse, are you still waiting for the results of your current Video Surveillance system? These frequent problems can bring about financial losses, disappointment, and the endangerment of your employees, customers, and facilities. As your trusted partner for over the years, we at Parker Custom Security will provide the most reliable solutions and services for you. We have decades of experience in this industry and offer a team that works tirelessly to ensure you get the best service possible.
Parker Custom Security is a leading access control and CCTV repair and installation company in New York City. We have provided our customers with top-quality locks, professional service technicians, and outstanding support.  At Parker Custom Security we offer new access control systems and design/install premium home automation centers.
We care about your security—no need to worry about that anymore. Parker Custom Security is here for the job. We can protect you, your customers, and your staff from intrusions with our quality experience and service.. So, what are you still waiting for? Call us today!

Professional Experts for Best Access Control & CCTV Repair & New Installation in NYC

At Parker Security System, we take great satisfaction in providing prompt service and repair for our on-site security systems. Our main objective is to ensure that every client is looked after and that we leave knowing the issue has been completely resolved. We have a strong commitment to providing each client with exceptional customer service. Whatever the problem, we have a solution for it!
Services Features:

  • Planning, setting up, and installing CCTV
  • CCTV maintenance and repair
  • Access control repair and maintenance

Best Access Control & CCTV Repair & New Installation in NYC Proper Maintenance

We are prepared to check on things the moment something goes wrong because we know that problems can occur with CCTV Security Cameras and Access Control systems at any time. We’ll still visit after installation to perform necessary maintenance and repairs.
Parker Custom Security has what it takes to set up your access control system and CCTV security cameras, thanks to years of experience and the highest quality products available.

Home or Workplace that is secure

With the help of our outstanding CCTV and Access Control Systems, you can interact more easily while boosting security at your home, workplace, or other location. Parker Customs Security offers reliable and easy-to-use security systems with a camera, video, and remote control, as they are Access Control and CCTV installations. At Parker Custom Security we provide wired and wireless Access Control and CCTV system design, installation, repair, and maintenance services.
We are the people to call if you require installation or repair services for access control and CCTV systems. We are happy to lend a hand since we recognize the necessity for you to increase the security of your home or place of business. Parker Custom Security is here to help, you can contact us at 212-491-5627, and we will provide you with proper assistance.

Following is the Best Practices for Best Access Control & CCTV Repair & New Installation in NYC

  • Planning is the Key

Parker Custom Security prepares for security system installation before addressing technical issues. Security vulnerabilities are compiled, and essential access points are identified by creating a security checklist and evaluating the security state. The size and type of security system that best meets the needs can be determined using all this information. In addition to providing the necessary cabling, wired security camera systems influence the kind of security system installed.

  • Selecting the Best CCTV and Access Control

Businesses can choose between a traditional system and a cloud-based video surveillance management solution. Compared to a cloud management system with a local device for cloud video recording and management. The variations between these two configurations have significant and unique features and functions. Businesses can implement cybersecurity measures by selecting those that best suit the nature of their activities with optimal level distinction.

  • Strong Security Passwords

Security passwords are an apparent security precaution to talk about, and the majority of firms still employ passwords that are simple to guess. Every camera and access control system today has a web-based graphical user interface (GUI) with a default username and password already available online. Before allowing anyone to access the camera using the web GUI, businesses must update these default passwords to prevent security flaws. It might be a complex operation that requires effective management and difficult tracking to assign unique, lengthy, non-obvious passwords for cameras. Use different, strong passwords for each camera on a public network. We highly suggest using the same strong password for all cameras for VLAN or private physical networks.

  • Access on Mobile Devices While Preventing Security Issues

We at Parker Custom Security offer mobile access and must cope with issues, including encryption flaws, account deactivation, and passwords.  At Parker Custom Security we ensure an encrypted connection is made for a mobile application while executing it on a centralized infrastructure. It is possible to achieve the highest level of protection by creating strong passwords, enforcing password policies, and deleting accounts once a professional changes.

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Installing a security system in your residence or place of business can effectively fight off theft and other criminal activity. For this reason, many people invest in a security system without experiencing an incident. But if you’re considering buying or installing an alarm system, you need to know what you’re doing. You can’t just decide one night that you want a security system and go out the following day and buy it. Some things need to be done before purchasing a security system, both for personal safety and for your warranty. Fortunately, for those with questions like “Where do I start with my security system?” we have placed resources on our website to help you answer those questions. We have also listed our services so that you have a better understanding of what we provide at Parker Custom Security and why we are the Best access control & CCTV repair & new installation in NYC. Call us to get instant help today.

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