About Parker Custom Security

We are a strong, flexible, and creative team

For more than fifteen years, we have worked with scores of homeowners and commercial and residential management companies. Our best customers are those who truly understand that building and home security measures are not an option, but a necessity. For these customers, we have advised and often supervised the planning and installation of new security devices, or simply provided upgrades for their current devices.

No matter the size of your building or home’s property or level of security, it is wise to consider an annual security audit to ensure that your current devices measure up to today’s standards. It is important to understand that critical security technologies are being employed, and also that no details are overlooked.

At Parker Custom Security we are not secure until we know you are! No security concern should be overlooked, as it can jeopardize the safety of the building perimeters and the people who inhabit them. We will work with you to determine the extent of the security measures that need be taken. We will work at your direction, and take all the steps needed to ensure that safety and security has been reached at every level.

For 15 years Parker has worked with NY's top Management and Real Estate Companies: