5 Benefits of Having a Secure Intercom System

With the growing concerns over security in various settings, including residential and commercial properties, the indispensability of a reliable intercom system must be addressed. Such systems offer a convenient and effective means of regulating property access and facilitate seamless communication between property owners and visitors. In the following paragraphs, we shall outline the top 5 benefits of a secure intercom system.

5 Benefits of Having a Secure Intercom System

5 Benefits of Having a Secure Intercom System

Benefit #1: Intercom System Improved Access Control

The beneficial impact of secure intercom systems is their superior access control. Property owners can regulate entry, which is especially vital in high-security zones like gated communities, office towers, and skyscrapers. Intercom systems have access control features, such as audio and video intercom systems, keyless entry systems, and proximity card readers.

Audio intercom systems enable owners to communicate with visitors via an installed intercom panel. Video intercom systems provide visuals of visitors, simplifying identification before allowing access. Keyless entry systems eliminate physical keys and offer access through numeric codes or biometric authentication like fingerprint or facial recognition.

Proximity card readers grant authorized individuals access with an access card or key fob via RFID technology. Intercom systems additionally enable remote access granting. Thus, owners can provide access to visitors even when absent, augmenting security and convenience.

Benefit #2: Intercom System Increased Convenience

Intercom systems provide increased convenience by eliminating the need for physical keys, which may be lost or stolen. Instead, access is granted through a keypad or card reader, simplifying entry for authorized personnel to the premises.

In addition, intercom systems offer the advantage of remote access control, allowing property owners to grant visitors access via a mobile app, enabling authorized personnel to enter even if the proprietor is absent. This is especially valuable when granting access to contractors, delivery personnel, or service providers.

Benefit #3: Intercom System Enhanced Communication

Intercom systems offer seamless communication for property owners and visitors, boosting security and safety. Visitors can easily identify themselves and state the purpose of their visit through the intercom panel. Property owners can then make an informed decision about granting access.

Furthermore, intercom systems can aid emergency response efforts. Regarding a security threat, the two-way communication feature enables property owners to alert visitors and request assistance. This is especially valuable in high-risk locations like schools, hospitals, and government buildings.

Benefit #4: Intercom System Improved Property Value

Adding intercom systems can elevate the value of residential and commercial properties. In the throes of a fiercely competitive real estate market, security features, including intercom systems, can serve as a valuable selling proposition for owners of properties.

Extensive research has revealed that incorporating security systems, like intercoms, can raise the value of commercial and residential properties by an astonishing 10%. This increase is especially evident in top-tier properties where safety concerns rank high on the priority list of prospective buyers. Owners who invest in an impregnable intercom system can significantly boost their property’s worth and appeal to a broader range of potential buyers.

Benefit #5: Intercom System Deterrence of Crime

The fortification conferred by an intercom system can dissuade potential malefactors from targeting a location. Properties that are effortlessly accessible and defenseless are more likely to be victimized. However, intercom systems can establish an additional security layer to obstruct entry.

Moreover, intercom systems can be assimilated with other security mechanisms, for example, access control systems, alarms, and surveillance cameras. Such integration can create a comprehensive security infrastructure that is more effective in deterring criminal activities.

Illustrative instances demonstrate the efficacy of intercom systems in impeding security breaches and capturing perpetrators. In a recent occurrence in New York City, an assailant endeavored to infiltrate a residential building by shadowing a tenant through the entrance. However, the tenant successfully leveraged the intercom system to notify security personnel and thwart the assailant’s access to the building.

In a separate incident, a shop owner managed to apprehend a pilferer owing to the two-way communication feature of the intercom system. The shop owner could interact with the thief and alert the authorities, who eventually caught the perpetrator before they could abscond from the store.

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Installing a secure intercom system by Parker Custom Security in NYC can offer many advantages for residential and commercial property owners. These benefits encompass heightened access control, amplified convenience, superior communication, increased property value, and the hindrance of unlawful activity.

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